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Langley Foxall was founded in 2014 and currently hosts an ever growing team of highly dedicated and talented developers, with decades of combined experience in app, software and website development we have the skills and the drive to seek out and solve any issues you or your business may be facing through our fully native, fully customisable, completely bespoke applications built just for you. With enterprise level experience and understanding of business process management, user & customer profiling, and system integration, we can cater to your needs, provide seamless transitions, and provide top level aftercare once our systems are in place. At Langley Foxall we strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, no challenge is too big and no app is too small and we always aim to deliver the highest standards to our customers.

iOS Development

Developed in Xcode using swift, we understand how to make a functional yet beautiful iOS app. From Agricultural Engineers to Accountants, from Human Resource Managers to Athletes we've designed, built and tested successful apps for all.

Android Development

We Develop natively in Android Studio using Java, tackling solutions with finesse. Android is the most widely used platform among consumers today. There are a huge range of devices and aspect ratios available. We are the team that considers all platform possibilities and conventions to get the most out of your app.

UWP Development

Our custom Universal Windows Platform developers have developed for clients in incredibly diverse fields including medical, oil and gas, accounting, engineering, and more. From small utilities to large business suites, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to make your idea a reality.

Web Development

Our Web developers have developed sites of all scales, from completely custom built CRM's to simple sites with CMS systems to live data dashboards using web socket technologies. No job is too big.


A Service Management System (SMS) is proven to streamline a business - every time. We have a proven track record in increasing a businesses throughput and revenue. Contact us here to learn more, or check out some case studies below to see how we have benefitted other businesses.

Smart phones and tablets are engaging and powerful tools for business. We have innovative hardware and software services that deliver an incredible user experience, We empower today’s workforce to enable them to do something truly great all while streamlining processes. Business just got more interactive — and more efficient — than ever with smart phones & tablets. Whether employees are sharing jobs across the hall, brainstorming with teams around the globe or completing work on site, it’s easier than ever to share information, provide feedback and update content instantly.