At Langley Foxall we understand that a bespoke ERP is an investment for our clients. We believe, with our vast levels of experience, and trial and error, we have optimised our processes to get the best results for our customers. With that in mind we have put together some of the most frequently asked ones and you can read them all here.

Langley Foxall

Our company

Who are Langley Foxall?

While you can find out more on the About Us page, which details our history, our owners and our future, here’s a short intro to our Software Development Agency.

Langley Foxall Ltd was founded in 2013 by Nicholas Langley, whose goal was to help businesses who had problems with the software solutions they had adopted. Nick came from an engineering background, formerly fixing and calibrating agricultural machinery just outside of Stafford, Staffordshire. He learnt how to build software in his spare time as a hobby. During the time he worked there, the company was having very real operational issues with their paper based systems. Late certifications, lost reports and invoicing errors were common place. Nick built his first ever solution with this company and that's where it all began.

1 Year later, in 2014, Nicholas Langley decided it was time to take the business more seriously. He moved the business from his attic to a small office in Schott House, Stafford. Within a year Langley Foxall had 3 full time Software Developers who were starting to work on some large solutions that are still in place today.

Since 2014, Langley Foxall has focused on creating and maintaining exceptional custom software solutions for SME's in the UK.

What's Langley Foxall's Financial Health

Langley Foxall has been debt-free and profitable since setting the company up in 2013. We have achieved 100% growth year on year and have a very diverse client base and no-one client represents more than 15% of Langley Foxall's revenue at any time.

We get a lot of news coverage for our rapid growth locally and Director Nicholas Langley has been awarded the Young Business Person of the Year Sentinel Award 2019. The company is also very proud to be alumni of the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Scheme. We were also featured on the Sentinel's Hot 100 Staffordshire Businesses in 2018.

What can Langley Foxall do?

▪ Code health check - we complete code health checks on your existing custom software (you can read more ), which will give us an indication of the quality of the solution and what the next steps should be. This allows us to move forward with a handover so that we can develop it further.

▪ Design - We can create engaging User Interfaces backed up by incredible User Experiences. Making sure that our software solutions not only do the job but they are a pleasure to use and navigate.

▪ Development - We focus on writing code to exceptional standards. No code can be committed to the code base without being reviewed by senior developers. All of our code has automated tests to ensure we can deploy quickly and with confidence.

⁃ Read more about Custom Software Development

▪ Testing - Our dedicated testers make sure that the code committed works and that the user stories have been followed accurately by the developers. Projects are tested at every sprint, which keeps our Customer solution demos fast and to the point.

▪ Deployment - We get our products out on time and on budget every time. We understand that you'll want to implement the solution as soon as possible, so we keep our deployment fast and user training on schedule.

▪ Hosting & Monitoring - Keeping your solution running smoothly and securely in the cloud with daily backups.

▪ Support - software support to keep your custom systems in top shape. Responding to your users needs quickly with your own dedicated software team.

⁃ Read more about Support here.


How many members of staff does Langley Foxall employ?

Currently ~ 20 project staff.

Do we have any self improvement strategies?

We encourage developers to mentor each other when working on projects. Routinely carrying out code reviews and offering internal support and professional upskilling.

Each employee has their own personal development plan where we align their goals and help them achieve their desired career path, we regularly monitor and update these.

We pay for our developers to complete certifications in their relevant languages/frameworks and encourage them to continue participating in the open source communities.

On top of this, we also work with a training company to provide level 3 and 4 apprenticeships and have recently started offering degree apprenticeships with Staffordshire University.

Where do your employees work?

We have offices in Stafford and Manchester, the addresses can be found in the footer of this page. Our developers mainly work from our Staffordshire office; the heart of the company.

How does Langley Foxall recruit and hire its developers?

Langley Foxall receives around 20 applicants per month, we vet these candidates with a process that includes:

1) Online Coding Exercise

2) Reference Check

3) In Person Interview

OUR sales process

What’s the purpose of the initial contact?

A Business Development Manager will conduct an initial call \ / hangout to make sure that we're a good fit. We are not just looking for a sale, we've built a successful company by carefully selecting customers that we can partner with. We look out for potential clients with: a responsible budget, a clear brief, future vision, and a commitment to helping us build a solution.

Will we sign an NDA?

It is unlikely that we will sign an NDA before our initial call. We speak to a lot of potential clients and the chances that there might be a potential conflict of interest is high. We will however sign an NDA if, it's a mutual NDA, we believe that we could make a good partnership and we're not violating any other agreements we might already have with other clients

Can Langley Foxall take on an exsiting custom software solution?

We can take over an existing software solution: There are a few steps we'll need to do first but in short here's what we'll need:

1) We'll need a live demo of the entire system, this normally gets recorded so we can review at a later stage.

2) Receive the code for the existing software application with any applicable dependencies and documentation.

3) we complete a code on the custom software you can read more here: on our code review page, this will usually give us an indication of the quality of the solution and what the next steps should be in order for us to move forward with a handover so we can develop on it further.

Our Project Management

When will we see the product being to come to life?

We deliver our projects using Agile Methodology, over consecutive 'sprints'. This means we will develop features from beginning to end, within short periods of time, so that you receive regular releases of the solution for testing. You can see the software begin to come to life from as early as two weeks into development, with the ability to click buttons and move between pages from early on.

What do I need to provide up-front?

We understand that some clients will have a very clear idea of the software solution they would like us to develop, where some may simply be aware that something is missing from their business processes but look to us to advise and design, as well as build the bespoke solution. That's why we have an adaptable approach to this question. The key for us is to understand why you need a new software solution, what the needs of your business are and who will be using the solution. This enables us to work with you to obtain all necessary information, with us filling any gaps that we're able to.

Who and what will be involved in the product delivery?

You will meet several team members throughout the project lifecycle. Our Sales Team will initially work with you to make sure we can meet your requirements and fully understand your expectations. Then you will be introduced to a Designer, Project Manager and Technical Lead Developer who will discuss the project with you to develop the project scope, key features, requirements and any other considerations necessary. We will build a design document to accompany a full feature list, providing you with an overview of the product before we even begin development, so that you know exactly what the product will eventually look like. Then we move into development, providing regular builds of the product for you to be able to see the project progress, before delivering the final completed product. We have in-house QA and Testers who robustly test the platform before it is released to you, throughout the project lifecycle.

How involved do I need to be?

We find that projects are more successful, the more collaboratively we work with our clients. We are keen to make sure your voice is heard throughout, but we will also reach certain points in planning and development where we either require your advice or approval to make sure the solution will meet all of your needs. We will work with you to develop a bespoke solution for your business needs.

Project experience

What industries have you worked in?

We've built software to increase efficiency for improved customer interactions in the following industries:

▪ Agricultural - We've developed Custom Agricultural Software that covered Customer Relationship Management, Job Management, Job Booking Automation, Automated Notifications via Email and SMS, Report Generation, Accounting integration (Xero).

▪ Logistics - We've developed Custom Logistical Software that covered Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Management, Job Management, Vehicle Management, Route Planning, Automated Location & Traffic updates, Automated Notifications via Email and SMS to Driver, Accounting integration (Xero), Driver App creation.

▪ Warehousing - We've developed Custom Warehouse Management Software that covered Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Management, Stock Control, Location Management, Cycle Counting, Goods In, Dispatch, Picking, Stock Transfer, Vehicle Management, Put-aways, Replenishment, Quarantine.

▪ Consultant Services - We've developed Custom Service Management Software that covered Customer Relationship Management, Job Management, Job Booking Automation, Automated Notifications via Email and SMS, Report Generation, Accounting integration (Xero) with an accompanying App to complete forms and jobs on site.

▪ Energy Services - We've developed Custom Energy Management Software, that covered Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Management, Tariff Management, Renewals, Payments, Integration with Government Meter APIs with accompanying Customer Portals.

▪ Engineering Services - We've developed Engineering Service Management Software that covered Customer Relationship Management, Job Management, Site Visit Management, Job Booking Automation, Automated Notifications via Email and SMS, Report Generation, Accounting integration (Xero) with accompanying App to complete forms and jobs on site and accompanying Customer Portal to review completed Reports.

Can you develop APIs?

All of our existing projects contain documented API layers.

What technologies do you have experience with?

▪ Mobile - iOS (Swift & Objective C), Android (Java & Kotlin), React Native (Cross Platform)

▪ Desktop - OSX, Windows UWP (C#), and ASP.NET (C#).

▪ Database - SQL Server, MySQL

▪ Web - ASP.NET, PHP, Laravel, Node.js, ReactJS, AngularJS (1, 2, 4), VueJS, HTLM5, Sass, Less, and Bootstrap

Can you build mobile apps?

Yes we do, we have extensive in-house experience with both native platforms and with cross-platform technology.

To develop iOS Apps natively we now use Swift but have extensive Objective C knowledge which comes in handy when conducting code Health Checks and working on pre-existing projects. Developing for Android exclusively we use Kotlin or Java. To build Cross Platforms Apps we use a platform called React Native.

Langley Foxall Support

How long dies it take to get a response?

We know our customers like to know what's going on as soon as possible, our target response time to all customers is within 1 hour of an issue or request being created.

What happens if I run out of tickets?

We design our customer support packages with our customers, ensuring they have the right package from the very start. We also have monthly service reviews with our customers, where we cover the usage of the service, meaning if you start to run low there is always an option of topping them back up at any point (also means if you aren’t using them all we can put you on a lower bracket).

Is my existing software eligible for support?

Our aim is to help businesses succeed, we support our own software solutions as well as a pre-existing. If your bespoke software project’s gone wrong or you’re having issues with your software developer, we can quickly get your business back on track.

What happens if my software goes down?

We are here to guide and support our customers’ to ensure their software boosts efficiency, we’ve got you covered if things go wrong, our team of experts are here for you 24/7 when or if you need us.