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Langley Foxall are a UK based software development company, designing and creating bespoke ERP systems and software solutions built with your specific requirements in mind. We have created over 100 completely unique ERP solutions to businesses across the UK since being founded in 2013.

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Langley Foxall Ltd, pioneers in bespoke software

Langley Foxall Ltd. didn’t set out to shake up the custom software industry, but since 2013 that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Creating bespoke ERP solutions, providing support packages for existing custom software projects and combining our commercial knowledge with our industry knowledge for optimum success.

By fusing this knowledge together, Langley Foxall has been able to achieve exponential growth over the last few years and produce some incredible projects along the way.

We are ambassadors of the highest software standards. Our developers adhere to software industry best practices and agile methodology, helping us deliver robust systems to scheduled times and budgets.

With a dedicated team on hand to provide solutions for your software issues, you can be sure Langley Foxall are doing their utmost to provide the best results for you.


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Working on our ERP System with the team at Langley Foxall has been a great experience from day one. They are extremely knowledgeable and communication has been of the highest standard, which has been essential given the high complexity of the project we gave them. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Darren Legg - Franchise Development Manager at Easy Living Mobility

Langley Foxall History

Our Managing Director, Nicholas Langley, built the company in a bid to combat the frustrations experienced when running a business with industry standard software. After leaving university and returning to a job in the agricultural industry that had very heavy paper based processes, Nick, who would develop software as a hobby, started creating a system to help reduce their admin levels. The system has now expanded and has enabled users to create invoices in their accounts package at the click of a button, whilst the mobile application has streamlined Business Mobile Apps form filling, reduced human error and worked out complex industry specific algorithms.

From this initial hobby, Nick started running the business from his home and has spearheaded the growth that has resulted in Langley Foxall growing over 100% year on year so far and expanding the services we offer during the process, no wonder he was 2019's winner of the Sentinel's Young Business Person of the Year Award.

The Langley Foxall team at an award ceremony

Building Relationships

Through good relations with investors and entrepreneurs we often get approached with new concepts and ideas for applications or web based products that need our professional advice or help in scoping.

Growing our Software Company

Our success is built around the belief that there is always room for improvement and this mindset has contributed to our continued growth. We now boast a team of 20+ in house developers and UAT employees with our Managerial Team spearheading the progression.

Developing Better Software

The team at Langley Foxall relish the chance to improve processes whether that’s for our clients with the automation of tasks or internally and this constant progression is one of the main attributes to our success so far. Due to this we have dedicated time to perfecting our processes and understanding what our clients want and need in the initial meeting this way we can efficiently focus our efforts on creating the right solution.

When we started our business we worked with many other software products which gave us a great understanding of what works and what doesn't, in addition to exposing our Developers to a wide variety of technologies increasing their expertise in a multitude of areas.

With a main office based in Stafford and a sales hub in Manchester we are focusing on helping businesses achieve maximum efficiency with bespoke software systems, designed and created by our talented in house team, specifically for you. Nicholas Langley, has since developed the business and encouraged the exponential growth we have achieved since.

We are always looking to progress with the business, and provide our customers the best possible service and in order to do that we have to trial new stages and improve our overall progress where we can. Having an adaptable team that has bought into the constant development mind set that has allowed Langley Foxall to achieve so much already and will continue to do so.

Langley Foxall Ebooks

The team at Langley Foxall have spent copious amounts of time, conducting research, working with various industries to gain a good understanding of standard processes and the standard software options out there. We have also put together some Ebooks and guides to help you understand bespoke software, sharing our knowledge along the way.

Six Steps to Build Great ERP Software

Six Steps to Build Great ERP Software

Gain an understanding surrounding the most effective methods to ensure a bespoke ERP system is built effectively. Read this Ebook to understand the key parts of the entire process to increase success rates.

5 Ways Great Software Improves Profitability

5 Ways Great Software Improves Profitability

Using the right software has huge implications on the bottom line of a business. Take a look at this Ebook to see how using great software improves efficiency levels resulting in increase profits.