About Us

Langley Foxall didn't set out to shake-up the custom software industry, but since 2013 that is exactly what we’ve been doing. Our success is built around the belief that things can always be improved.

When we started our business we worked with many other software products which gave us a great understanding of what works and what doesn’t, in addition to exposing our developers to a wide variety of technologies increasing their expertise in a multitude of areas.

Maintaining close relationships with a range of clients from a variety of industries helped us to realise that off-the-shelf software available on the market simply isn’t as intelligent, adaptable or intuitive enough to support the majority of our customer’s business requirements.

By reviewing and analysing the legacy systems many of our customers had been relying on, we also realised that other custom software development companies don’t build products to our exceptional standards. This inspired us to improve and develop our own internal framework and standards, enabling us to build innovative, adaptable and efficient systems.

We Are

Helpful, Proactive Communicators

We actively and efficiently keep you in the loop from the beginning to the end of the project lifecyle. Arguably one of the most important things in software development.

We Believe In

Raising Global Software Standards

If we see a way to implement better development standards we will pursue it. Our standards are what keep our products efficient and give them their extremely long shelf life.


If you are unsure about anything or require more information, please contact us. We have a team of dedicated people ready to help.


Keeping our finger on the pulse of the software industry, we keep you up-to-date with latest news, views and projects from Langley Foxall and beyond.

Custom Software Development

Choosing the right company

Looking for a new custom software system, app or website? How do you know which custom software development company is right for you? This article helps outline few considerations to make before you get started.


SaaS or Modular or Custom

Finding the best solution

Our aim is to provide the right custom software solution for our clients. To do that we need to understand when we’re the wrong solution. Here's a simple guide that we use when engaging with prospects to work out which route they should take.


Langley Foxall Support

Flexible, reliable, invaluable

This year has seen the unveiling of our Langley Foxall Service Support which has already proven to be incredibly popular, as it ensures our customers can take full advantage of their custom software solutions by receiving holistic coverage and maximising their investment.


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