Jade Short

8 Benefits of Custom Software

Technology is the way forward, it's moving so fast!

We understand how quickly technology is moving but that doesn't mean it’s always fantastic. There are still a few teething issues businesses find when using off-the-shelf software. Whether a business has to adapt processes or use multiple software programmes, custom software can solve multiple issues. In a previous blog, I stated there were many benefits for custom software and I have compiled a list of a few of them below.

1. It's tailor made

Having software that is unique to your company's processes in every aspect is undoubtedly beneficial. From my point of view, you started your company to make a difference and you have got to this point because you are unique, nobody else out there does the same thing as you, so why use the same technology with the same processes? Tailor-made software is created specifically to suit your processes and the way you interact with your customers. No more missing links, bloated systems, or missed opportunities.

2. Cost effective

If custom software screams expensive to you then you may be pleasantly surprised. Of course, it depends on what you want to build and how complex it is but it might not be as expensive as you expected. Custom software is an investment but one that is almost always guaranteed to pay off. Automating your processes and allowing your systems to communicate can free up some more of your time to spend elsewhere. What’s more - you’ll have a tangible asset that increases the value of your company.

3. Integrating systems

Sometimes clients don't need a fully fledged Service Management System, they simply need something that can build bridges between systems, a mediator if you like, to talk to each system and start the communication. Integrating with systems means you can pass data effectively which improves communication between teams and customers. As an example we have integrated with Xero before for one-click invoicing, imagine the time you could save with that.

4. Security

With GDPR coming into play in May it is paramount that your systems are secure for more info on GDPR you can take a look at the three main things to consider. With a custom software solution, you have more control so you can collect the data you need, store it safely and prove it’s reasons for use.

5. Flexible software

We have previously spoken about how we develop and the journey you go on with us, and how we start creating you the perfect solution, the benefits from this alone are incredible. Imagine selecting the car you want, configuring it and then deciding you don't like the colour with those seats and you're not going to use 3 of the options you've added. Now imagine how brilliant it would be if you could change your mind along the way and it be a positive thing, this is certainly true when developing your own software. You can validate all your thought processes, redefine the way you operate using modern technologies and add features and functions during the development cycle.

6. Building a direct relationship with the developers

Now I don't mean you have to add your developers to your Christmas card list but this allows you to explain fully how your business works and the processes you use directly with the person building your software. Due to this relationship, developers can truly understand each aspect of your company in order to create the perfect solution, offering opportunities for challenges, discussions and new ideas.

7. Boost your performance, staying ahead of the race

As a business owner, you will work all the hours under the sun in order to stay ahead of competitors but what if there was something that could boost productivity, efficiency and allow you to stay ahead of the race? I'm sure you know where this is going, made to measure software could revolutionise the way you run your business, it could even allow you to run your business from anywhere in the world and still stay ahead of the curve!

8. Support

With us, you'll have our ongoing support during the deployment of the software to help your users get acquainted. We offer training sessions, service desks and standalone aftercare solutions to ensure that the wheels keep turning for your business.

There are other benefits of custom software, this article is for introducing you to a few without creating War & Peace. To learn more about the benefits and how it could help your company please don't hesitate to contact us.