Anthony Fowler

An Incredibly Boring Story About My (Working) Life

I've spent a lot of time trying to promote the business and impart some valuable tools & advice to my regular readers - of which there are many, like at least 10.

I know, strong numbers right!? Pulitzer, here we come.

I thought it about time I did a personal blog about my journey with Langley Foxall.

I love reading personal stories and the journey of how people got to where they are today.

The trials & tribulations, successes, failures, highs & lows. All whipped up into an epic adventure of one man against the world and his mighty triumph against adversity.


I, however, haven't had anywhere near the early life of the likes of Sir Richard Branson, who seemingly ran businesses like a gunslinger from the old west, trusting his gut and firing from the hip.

I feel I have had quite the journey in comparison to my own life and early working career. I've worked in some fairly interesting places, worked with equally interesting people and have done a lot of things. Nothing says varied like the transition from Fancy dress shops to top-level Facilities management (for the record there were jobs in between but this is a blog not a CV).

If I had short hair and a one hit wonder I'd be comparing my current position to everything else in the eternal words of Sinead "nothing compares, to you".

I was approached by my good friend Nick (happens to own the place too) over 18 months ago to join LF, he had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve, the people he needed, the mission, and less than a full idea of how to get there. I was sold at "Hang on lads, I've got an idea".

Any of my friends reading this probably just asked themselves, "Why the hell did he want you then?" Hilarious guys and never gets old, really, it doesn't...honest.

I joined because intrinsically I shared that same vision and couldn't wait to be a part of that environment.

The early days had some tough times yet bags of fun to boot.

I'd never previously been part of a company that was evolving on an almost daily basis.

Processes, documents, marketing, message, execution we're constantly tinkering with our daily tasks, analysing everything, making minor adjustments and constantly learning - how can we do this better, what does the customer want, how can we make this more attractive and user-friendly, how do we communicate to our clients better and in turn impart that knowledge so they can communicate with theirs better.

It's important to note that we made mistakes, me especially, but that's what happens when you're on the steepest learning curve of your life.

It's in this phase of the company where arguably I learnt my most important lesson.

Believe in the power of failure. It's the best way to learn. Just remember to learn from your mistakes, and not to repeat them.

I've learnt so much and continue to do so with every challenge and opportunity I face, ultimately I feel the company and I have grown tremendously, both professionally and personally and will continue to do so long into the future.

Next steps for us is to find yet more like-minded people to add to our flourishing team, let's hope they can offer a new and refreshing insight from their experiences to improve how we operate even further.

Did you enjoy this? Let me know if you did, I promise it won't inflate my ego.