Anthony Fowler

Apps - An attempted education

''That awesome game where you fling slightly miffed birds at pigs in poorly made houses filled with TNT, I love that game!''

My education in apps since joining Langley Foxall has been eye opening in the extreme and frankly their possibilities are amazing.

Before getting immersed in the world of software development and apps, I, like most people used to think the same thing when anyone mentioned Apps ... ''that awesome game where you fling slightly miffed birds at pigs in poorly made houses filled with TNT, I love that game!''

Its still a great game and probably the reason your employees never get any work done but there's so much more to apps and how they can help a business.

So I get asked the same question a lot and I'm only too happy to try and answer it.

''What are apps and how will they benefit my business?'' - Everyone

Streamlining Processes

When's the last time you opened just one programme on your desktop and just got cracking with your accounts, sales, customer relations, e-mail, KPI's, payroll ... you get the point. With apps and especially the internal software our genius developers are producing, this is a real possibility. One all encompassing piece of software to run your entire business... sounds like a pipe dream but I assure you it isn't.

Going Paperless

Drowning in paperwork? I can't tell you how many times I lost post-it notes, misplaced invoices, spent hours literally crawling inside filing cabinets looking for that one HR document to stop us getting sued - ok that last one may be a little OTT but you see my angle. Having worked with agricultural engineers among others, we know how often they take their paperwork and ''accidentally'' drop it into the biggest mud pile available and essentially ruining it or simply leave it on site meaning countless wasted hours for a company in return visits or military level decryption of what's written on it. Centralising all your information for invoicing, employee info, engineer paperwork or your own business documents into an app will stop the madness.

Connecting to Customers

Since nearly half the world's population now have mobile devices within arm’s reach at all times, the true medium for customer service is now mobile apps. Now I'm not saying that Dave in customer service is bad at his job but apps aren't subject to your average negative human traits such as poor performance or mood swings. Everything's automated, its the same face with the same levels of performance, consistently delivering your product the way you want it.

Being able to send offers , push notifications, order updates, delivery information and storing information on your start to finish customer journey via an app gives another invaluable tool for connecting to your audience.

Being Visible

We live in a world of constant advertising barrages, billboards, flashing signs, websites, e-mail marketing and flyers. We're conditioning ourselves to ignore the white noise of standard advertising. The average person spends more than 2 hours a day on their phones - this is a choice, the same choice they make when they download an app, it hasn't been forced upon them like so much advertising. Every time they open their phone and browse their apps - Boom! there you are subconsciously advertising yourself to them with your app icon, you're part of peoples daily lives and the power of that is immense.

In conclusion, if you didn't know the potential of apps I hope this helped and I also hope it inspires you to embrace new ideas.

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