Anthony Fowler

How much do Apps cost?

Ever had an idea for an app and wanted to get it developed but didn't know how much it would cost. There are many variables that determine costs for app development, we'll go through some common areas and break it all down.


iOS, Android or Windows? all have their advantages depending on the demographic your targeting and their equipment preferences. Typically android is more expensive to develop with but it depends on the company your working with. If you want an app across multiple platforms there are frameworks designed for this such as Ionic but you may end up sacrificing functionality as these systems are still in the early days of development and have their limitations.

What do you want your app to do?

#####Basic Elements
Register User - Create user profiles, link that persons details to specific things like jobs, performance and sales targets. Also allows the ability to set user privileges.

Estimated Cost: £300 - £900

Custom Elements

Calculations - Writing code to process calculations on inputted data used to create graphs, reports, figures, charts, fill text boxes, etc.

Tracking - Vehicle or device tracking and have real-time updates on your desktop.

Creating and Editing Media - The ability to take pictures, create documents and then edit them , send them to another user where they can be edited again. Change user privileges to set ability to edit documents.

Maps - Creating heat-maps of your clients, high sales areas, plan jobs, pinpoint events and share them amongst your users.

Instant Messaging - As it sounds, a chat and direct messaging service. Usable across multiple platforms and users.

Estimated Cost: £900 - £6000

Custom System Integration

CRM -Link in to your customer organising, automation, and synchronise sales, customer service, technical support and marketing.

Accounts - Integrating your accounts software can be a great way to reduce duplication and track key indicators for customers / employees / jobs etc. We can also automate (as much as possible) the invoicing process

CMS - Custom software application used to create and manage digital content, integrate asset / document management and records retention functionalities.

Estimated Cost: £900 - £3000

Social Media

Integration into your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Estimated Cost: £300

***Bare Bones*** - A no frills approach to creating an app that works and does exactly what you need it to. This is predominantly for utility or internal business apps.

Savvy - Your not putting this on the App Store but your customers use it, needs branding and colour schemes and some custom design work.

The Bee's Knees - Like Savvy only better, every detail has been specially crafted, custom designs for everything, a polished look and eye-catching designs.

Estimated Cost: £300 - £4000


In-app tutorials can be as in depth or short as you like, the targeted user and the type of app determines a lot. Usually image led with a simple swiping journey and short text to keep the user engaged. Development of animations would be necessary in most cases.

Estimated Cost: £300 - £900

Your Options

#####Integration or Fully Custom? ######Integration

Using multiple programmes to run a company is pretty standard practice but now you want them to talk to each other, build a bigger picture of whats going on, streamline everything - whatever it may be it's not a problem in most cases, cheaper than a fully custom system but still doesn't do everything you wish it could.

Fully Custom

Your very own application, fully customisable with every feature you wanted, scope for extra functionality in the future so it can grow with you.

In Conclusion

This article will hopefully give you an idea for app costs but everything is dependant on features, size and complexity. If you have an idea - take it to a developer and explore it.