Alex Langley

Bleeding orange

What a bizarre title! To bleed orange means to be a true devout member of the Langley Foxall team; deriving from our main company colour of orange (due to our well loved fox logo.)

Bleeding orange means more to Nick and I than you can imagine; one of our aims is to have an office full of devs, managers and admin staff who are well and truly committed to our company just as we are. A team made up of employees who are devoted, focused, conscious and driven creates an unstoppable force, a force to be reckoned with and a force that knows no limits.

As you’re probably aware now, we’re growing at a very quick rate; from just Nick and Alex C, our longest standing developer, back in January 2016 we’re now a team of 17 with a main office in Stafford and a sales hub in Manchester. We’re continuously interviewing developers and apprentices in the hunt for the next super star to join our ever strong team.

The LF team are pretty young; with Jade being our youngest at 17 and James our eldest at 32 I think this really sets us up with a team who will be with us for a long time. They’re young, ambitious, at the beginning of their career paths in search of a company who will take them places, give them the opportunities to develop into managerial positions, positions of importance and positions where their thoughts and opinions will been considered and taken on board in order to progress the company even further. Langley Foxall gives them this. Nick and I want to help the team progress as far as they wish for themselves and ensure that they’re always happy in their jobs.

Nick’s been using the phrase ‘bleed orange’ for some time now and I think it fits really well amongst our team. Theres a few here who have been bleeding orange for a while now and hopefully this will rub off on our latest recruits as they become engulfed in the company ethos.

As I type this I realise this isn’t the normal style of LF blog; I suppose this is an appreciation and a thank you to the people I’m currently surrounded by. Chatting about new technologies, discussing alternative methods to reach their project end goals, firming deadlines, updating customers and working as a team to ensure we’re at the top of our game. Without this lot LF would still be a pipe dream so I thank each and every one of you for the constant effort, hours and devotion you all show, none of it goes unnoticed. (I wonder if any of them even have time to read this?) Keep bleeding orange guys … the road ahead is long and I’m excited to share this journey with you.