Anthony Fowler

Casing The Joint

"That's the kick I get and why I love what I do, its not about the money or the recognition, its about the people!

Case studies were until very recently a mere memory from my formative years nodding off in Mr Jones' economics class.... followed fairly quickly by him dropping one of his ancient leather-bound text book inches from my face to wake me up - ahhhh those were the days.

But I digress.

Clearly things have changed or I wouldn't be writing this post. Case studies are now one of my biggest interests....what an exciting life you must lead I hear you say...

But seriously, they provide a wonderful insight in to how our work has changed the everyday lives of the companies we've worked for and how we've affected the people within them.

I've always loved numbers, particularly statistics, when conducting a case study it's what I naturally gravitate towards.

Discovering that you've saved Jade the admin 30 minutes a day on her tasks, or an engineer in the field an hour filling out forms that used to be made of paper is really satisfying. These may not sound like a lot until you start to extrapolate that data that you start to see what that means in the long term.

I did some approximate calculations for a client of ours during a case study, funnily enough they have a multitude of administrators and engineers, and here they are:

Engineers = 32

Average Jobs per Day = 3

Working Days per year = 260

Average time save per Job = 30 minutes

Calculating.... Bleep! bloop! beep! beep! bloop!

Total time save a year for all engineers = 12480 hours or 520 full days. Yes, you did read that correctly.

There are a plethora of contributing factors that I could write a tome similar to War & Peace on about how we've saved this company that much time but simply put it was our analytics of the companies processes, the software we developed and the people we put it in the hands of that helped create these results.

The real satisfaction you get is from the look on the MD's face when you start to hand these numbers over and have the proof to back it up - before they we're just estimations, our best guess for their ROI, now they were real, tangible and frankly, amazing!

That's the kick I get and why I love what I do, its not about the money, or the recognition, its about the people and the value we provide for them!

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Until next time.