Jade Short

Challenging Industry Standard Software

“Imagine how much better it would be if you could quote, plan jobs and invoice all by the click of a button.”

Are you always striving for perfection but can never find the time or resources to analyse your processes, and alter them to improve? You’re not the only ones and we might just have the perfect solution!

Tailored software might not be something you would think about during your hunt for a solution to some of your procedural difficulties but when you start investigating it, you can really see the potential it could bring to your company. The main drawback people usually have is the price, it’s a potentially huge investment (depending on what you want to build), especially when you consider that you may be able to or have “managed” to do business without it using a combination of SaaS, spreadsheets and paper. There’s a reason you’re looking for another solution and it generally comes down to wanting to be faster, more accurate and needing reliability. Take for instance your everyday spreadsheet, whilst humble it has been utilised for some of the most important areas of any business, i.e. for accounting, timesheets and costings - first of all, one small mistake could cost the company a world of issues in time wastage, lost earnings and making yourselves look foolish with poorly calculated costings or missent invoices. Using a spreadsheet will be costly for you in different ways as it's not the most reliable or efficient method and they’re typically an “island” of data with little ability to integrate in to other areas of the business or teams. Hello double data entry and information scavenger hunts. Of course, we are realists and know there are pros and cons for custom software...

The cons first:

-Although working with us you can set a budget and we will work with that, having a fully-fledged all singing all dancing system is an investment (although you can quickly get that ROI once the system is up and running).

-Depending on what you are using the system for and what aspect you are automating, you can take the human element away (although you have total control of this).

-It can take some time to get it perfect for you. Although we work closely with you from the beginning to build something that works for you it can sometimes take some time to analyse your existing processes and work out the logic for your tasks.

The pros:

-Custom software can make your business more efficient

-This then makes it a more cost and time effective option

-The software is built with you in mind, taking into consideration the ins and outs of your business and its best processes

-The software can ensure more accurate results with less chance of human error

-The software becomes a tangible asset adding value to the business as a whole

-Training employees becomes simpler through streamlined processes

Over the years we have discovered that businesses are typically using Software as a Service to complete their processes but as they have grown the software hasn't kept up with them, this usually leads to either more SaaS to handle the additional processes or the creation and use of our old friend - the (not so) trusty spreadsheet. We know that business growth and additional staff would result in moving into a larger office space, so why aren't more people changing or upgrading their software to cater to their requirements? It might be one of those things that you don't think about or it's a lot of money for a system you can cover in a spreadsheet. Don't get me wrong, I love a good spreadsheet but relying on them to manage your business can be a problematic situation.

How can we solve this?

Put simply, instead of using SaaS and spreadsheets, invest in some industry-leading software created specifically for your company. If you have big plans to grow the business then creating a firm infrastructure in your software now is a highly beneficial process. Having a piece of software that revolutionises the way the industry runs its operations, making standard processes more efficient, it's also an asset for your company and can keep you ahead of the game. Software can be the difference between gaining or losing a job, having excellent customer service or not having enough time to deal with any issues. Imagine how much better it would be if you could quote, plan jobs and invoice all by the click of a button. Having a set process (unique to your business) that is followed at all times not only improves your service within the company but also makes life easier for employees and speeds up the processes allowing you to fit more jobs in.

We always trying to find ways to stay in front of our competitors, if you want your company to continue growing it is vital you are at the top of your game and leveraging available technology. Here, we're striving to improve our own processes to ensure clients have the best experience with the Langley Foxall brand. Within our industry, leading software is being created all the time, whether that be custom software or another SaaS (software as a service). We are working day in/day out to create the perfect solution for companies in order for them to minimise the time it takes to complete their processes and improve efficiency.
When SaaS doesn't do the trick, custom software could be the perfect solution for you, if any of this has sparked your interest send us your details here or give us a call on 01785 220892.