Jade Short

Introducing Langley Foxall Events

Nobody panic! There is a list of drinks on order

The beginning of Langley Foxall Events

When it was decided that we were moving offices it seemed like the perfect opportunity to host an opening event. This seemed like a fantastic idea and I loved the fact I was asked to help out. Considering I also looked at a career in events management, my excitement soon turned to panic when I couldn't even find a good help list on google with a guide to planning events.

Nobody panic! There is a lengthly beverage list. As you can imaging the idea of organising an event is very daunting, but after I had created a list and realised I'd got enough time to organise it I started to calm down. The scariest part of all this is the fact you cannot do a trial and error stage where you can test whether or not you have everything you need, you only have one attempt to prove that you do actually know what you are doing.

The 6 year old me has her clipboard and sparkly pen out being as bossy as ever.

Confession time

I have to confess, my skills are slightly limited when it comes to parties as my idea of a good night is watching a film under the blanket, occasionally I stretch to a nice meal out but that is as social as I get. I wanted to be an Entrepreneur, so I thought making lists and planning events was a fun thing to do...as a 6 year old... I relish the challenge, and besides, the 6 year old me has her clipboard and sparkly pen out being as bossy as ever.

This event is about bringing likeminded businesses together, to learn, communicate and share information about how tech can enable and empower business.

So now that I have my list of things to do and a list of contacts, the event planning is in full swing, we're looking to wow everyone invited.

Details on the event will be released closer to the date and in the mean time if anyone has any top tips we'd love your input, to get in touch message the Twitter, Instagram or Facebook company account. We are currently on the hunt for speakers, we have two incredible speakers but we're looking for a third. The first topic will be about investing in tech to streamline operations.

Let the fun begin!