Jade Short

Expanding our team part II

First of all...

Happy New Year from everyone at Langley Foxall!

2017 was a brilliant year for us as a business as we continued to grow from strength to strength. Now we are welcoming the new year with the same passion and enthusiasm as before, with a few new faces!

The key to achieving the next level is to constantly look for the best talent in your area

As the times continue to move on and progress it is important as a business to do the same. To be able to move forward and expand, it is vital that we continue to master new skills in order to stay ahead of the game.

With this in mind, we have recruited more foxes to take on extra work, each one with their own set of special skills. We had done an expanding the team blog but we now need to update that with the latest recruits!

So now it is time to meet these new heroes.


The go to guy if you need something doing. He has no problem getting stuck into a project and learning how to tackle any obstacles. He has worked with HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, SQL so far and is looking to broaden his understanding as he progresses with the company. In his pastime he likes rugby, netflix and spending time with friends and family.


Niles is the AR genius who constantly blows our minds with what he can do. He has been coding for around 5 years by himself and has experience with PHP, swift and javascript. With a gift of picking languages up quickly he is another valuable addition to the team.


Another of our developers, Dexter, has been writing raw PHP for around 8 years. Before joining us he was contracting for two companies. He specialises in PHP/MySQL with knowledge in HTML, LESS, TS, Angular 2 and Express. He continues programming outside of work and watches netflix.


Another recruit has been coding for more than 10 years as a hobby and commercially for about 4 years. He has worked with small businesses and multinational pharmaceutical companies. He has won digital awards for the web applications built! Yannick has experience in Java but now mainly works with PHP Zend Framework 2 and Laravel. In his spare time he enjoys doing DIY around the house, travelling the world and playing music.


Our latest recruit started to code in university whilst studying computer networking about 15 years ago. He's been coding professionally for just over 5 years, working both on large scale line-of business applications at an internet service provider and smaller projects at a digital agency. Our Intermediate Mobile Developer mainly uses PHP and JavaScript but also enjoys working in C# and TypeScript. Outside of work he meets up with friends, plays games and writes and performs a comedy and adventure show for charity every year.


As LF expands we have ensured we have the best team around us including our brilliant new design manager, Sam. He has come on board for two main reasons; firstly, to geographically expand the reach of our bespoke software to Manchester and across the north and secondly, to add new services to Langley Foxall by including what he already does for his existing clients; that being 3D animation, visuals and marketing content. Sam, whilst having his own company, started to do 3D visuals and animations on the side and moved into doing that full time for a few years. For the last two years he has mainly been working on doing restaurant design. When Sam is not working he enjoys socialising and being out and about in Manchester, he is also interested in lots of different sports.


I am the social media and digital marketing girl, a mouthful of a job title I know. I am in charge of the social media pages and posting about the interesting things our guys are up to. Where I lack experience with software I can make up for it with my enthusiasm for marketing. I even get everyone to write their blogs! In my spare time I am a stereotypical girl and like to go shopping and for coffee with friends and family. I also enjoy travelling and attending the occasional car event.

As our team continues to grow we can continue to take on new and exciting projects, if you think we could help your business with our custom software or if you think you have what it takes to join the team give us a call.