Anthony Fowler

Expanding our Team

In the constantly evolving world of software development its important to keep up with the times, learn new skills and stay ahead of the curve. To rest on your laurels and think you've mastered any development technique is a sure way to get left behind.

The key to achieving the next level is to constantly look for the best talent in your area. Since 2016 Langley Foxall has expanded from a single member to a team of 7, each has a speciality in a different area.

Having been mentioned in the Stoke Sentinel I thought it only right that I introduce you to the current software development team.


Our Founder and all around Guru with a knowledge of every facet of software development and a strong business education, he has experience in developing apps in iOS, android and windows and designed our awesome website. If we're the cogs he's definitely the engine.

Superhero Match: Superman


Resident genius, Alex is a self taught full stack developer with a thirst for knowledge unlike any other. He started with us an apprentice and has grown into a more senior role within his first year. A fast mind and even faster fingers - he's an invaluable asset.

Superhero Match: The Flash


Mr iOS, Blain has a deep understanding of all things iOS. Having cut his teeth at larger corporations developing apple apps to the highest standards he's the man when it comes to anything iOS - often found partnering with Alex to create cutting edge software that has Functionality and Flair.

Superhero Match: The Hulk


Mr Windows and Web dev specialist, another developer with corporation experience and an amazing ability to explain complex systems in a way that even the most tech-phobic could understand. He's my go to guy when we're working on user experience and interaction - there's no-one better!

Superhero Match: Spiderman


Accounts and HR, Alex is everyone's office favourite but then she does pay our wages, with a sharp wit with an impeccable nouse for numbers she's a human calculator with a longstanding career in accountancy, chief whip cracker she keeps everyone focused and plays umpire on our in office gaming tournaments.

Superhero Match: Catwoman


Sales and Marketing - never one to sing my own praises - I let our products speak for us! Having said that I'm the passionate one - I can talk about apps and software 'til the cows come home and I do, I love talking with clients and materialising their ideas and aspirations. Seeing an app change a business or make a social impact gives me a sense of satisfaction seldom found anywhere else.

Superhero Match: Deadpool (apparently I'm the funny one)

We're always looking for new talent to increase our skill set - will you be our next hero?