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LF News: What We Have Been Up To

The great thing about Langley Foxall isn't just the fact we create superior custom software that empowers your business (which we do by the way if you want to get in contact), or that we put the heart of your business at the forefront of all of our ideas, but it's the fact each and every one of us loves our job. I can honestly speak on behalf of everyone in that we are all exceptionally passionate about what we do. There's something refreshing about working for a company that encourages your own personal growth as well as their own. So with that in mind let's grab a cup of coffee and catch up on the latest news...

It has been a little while since I have written a blog post now since we have been tied up focusing on improving and perfecting our processes. We have been preparing for a few changes to push Langley Foxall forward to ensure we keep pushing in the right direction.

Little Recap:

So, rather than boring you with all the details from our trial and error stages I'll just explain the highlights of our journey so far this year.

First of all, both Jake and I (the latest Baltic apprentices) have since finished our courses and started a degree apprenticeship with Staffordshire University. Jake is taking part in the BSC HONS Digital Technology and Solutions and I am taking part in the BA HONS Chartered Managers Degree, both have given Jake and I some fantastic opportunities to progress further in our careers and increase our skillsets, although it is a good job, time management was in the first module (for me anyway)!

Now for some really exciting news; Nick has been shortlisted for the Sentinel's Young Business Person Award, which we are all very pleased about! We are wishing him the best of luck ahead of the results.

Nick has also graduated from his Goldman Sachs course which has added to the implementation of new processes and new techniques to help us progress and continue with our incredible growth. With our extremely driven and focused mindset, we are aiming to continue progressing this year providing our customers with the best possible service resulting in the best possible system, more info will follow soon.

We have also had the pleasure of welcoming some new team members in order to keep up with the demand for custom software and expand our knowledge even further, we will more than likely be doing a meet the team part three soon to introduce the 8 latest recruits that have not already been introduced through a meet the team blog post.

Out with the old, in with the new:
We are also preparing for our next move, literally as well as figuratively, we will be moving into a new office in the near future and with that, we are realigning our branding and services accordingly. I won't go into too much detail with this as all will be revealed very soon.

As a business, we are always looking to progress and take a lead role in our industry. Our journey so far has been about trial and error, whether things are working already or not there is always room for improvement and at Langley Foxall we firmly believe in pushing the standard boundaries both in our own business and in the industry itself, encouraging our very talented team to upskill further and progress at much faster rates.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days to see some of the changes Langley Foxall have been working on.

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