Jade Short

How do apps help people?

Considering yesterday was world mental health day I thought I would write a blog about how apps help everyone with whatever it is they need. Are you bored and you want to play a game? Download Angry Birds. Are you catching the train and need to know when it is coming in? There’s an app for that. Are you struggling with anxiety? There’s an app for that too.

Why do we rely on apps so much these days?

I’m sure there has been a point where you have gone to an event and someone has said something like “and they say the art of conversation is dead” with that sarcastic tone, I get that a lot, the other day someone was doing a speech and I was on my phone, not texting but taking pictures and posting them straight away to keep our social media audience up to date with what we are doing and what the speech was about. Why? Because apps make it that simple now, so what else can they do?

As I mentioned before there is an app for just about everything and if we talk business for a moment there is technology out there that take away a lot of time and stress in your day whether it is an up to date, simple to use CRM which takes the majority of the paperwork away, or something that field workers can use to update & communicate their task by task completion, again saving the headache of the lost paperwork issue and even just saving office space from the filing cabinets.

These can save a lot of issues in your work environment but what about others that are struggling with mental health? What apps are out there to make their lives easier? I have done some research and found these 4 apps that may help…

What’s up?

"What's Up? is a fantastic free app to help you cope with depression, anxiety, anger, stress and more!"

When I was doing exams and we were talking about how stressful they were, my teacher suggested getting a little notebook and each day note down what was stressing us out and rate our stress levels out of 10, then at the end of school or after the exam, rate how well we thought it went. That way we could make a graph at the end and see for ourselves that things were not as bad as they seemed(for the majority of the time) it just helped add a little perspective to the exam stress. This app has the same sort of idea but with added extras!


"Create music to help express complex feelings. Cove is a personal musical journal to help you with your emotional and mental health."

This app is being tested with the NHS and can ‘create music to capture your mood and express how you feel’ It makes it easy for storing the music and sending it to someone so you can ‘let the music do the talking’ this makes it easier for you to open up to someone about how you are actually feeling without having to think of the right words and find the time to talk about it as well as pluck up the courage. With the personal journal you can store your thoughts and feelings without others knowing as well if you wish.

Catch it

"Catch It is a joint project between the Universities of Liverpool and Manchester, to help users better understand their moods through use of an ongoing diary."

This app lets you write down your thoughts just like ‘What’s up?’ It is a joint project between to Universities, Liverpool and Manchester and it was made to help users understand their feelings throughout the day by recording it and creating an ongoing diary. It gives you different times to record your thoughts to help identify a pattern and put things into perspective in order to help you move on from the issue as quickly as possible.

Stress and Anxiety Companion

"The Stress & Anxiety Companion app gives you the tools you need to manage anxious feelings"

This app gives you everything you need to manage the anxious feelings, it also helps identify their triggers so they become more manageable in the future. It is designed to help build the muscles to make you happier and stronger. It includes ‘anxiety busting exercises’ which help you control your breathing, relax muscles to ease stress and built up tension. It also has a ‘thinking better’ section which helps you identify and reframe negative thoughts so you can learn to cope better by building the mental muscles. Like Cove where you can make music, this app lets you make images which convey how you are feeling, you can then share these with friends and family.

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