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How Many Work Hours is Poor Software Stealing From You?

Technology is one of the fastest paced industries currently, in terms of expansion and many UK businesses are leading up towards (or have recently undergone) a digital transformation. Those that are yet to update their unsuitable software are losing valuable time throughout the year, as reported by a number of sources.

According to new research from Sharp, the average UK office worker wastes at least 21 days each year due to slow and outdated software. That’s a timeframe larger than the average paid annual leave.

If that doesn’t shock Managing Directors into upgrading then the loss of profits it brings is likely to; this is costing companies 167 hours of ‘dead time’ equating to a whopping £2,100 per employee per year. The profit loss from this is astronomical.

Directors are typically aiming to make the workplace as efficient as possible, and more recently this has been boosted with the help of software, however using inadequate software is in fact having the opposite effect.

There are a number of reasons existing software is hindering processes, each business has started with the idea that they are doing something different to competitors and in some cases these differences become a disadvantage when using the wrong software. Although there are SaaS solutions out there that are right for some businesses, this is where bespoke solutions such as those created by Langley Foxall step into their own.

There are a number of reasons current software is hindering processes. Each business started with the idea that they are doing something different to competitors and in some cases, industry standard software is forcing these differences to conform to the ‘typical’ process. In order to continue adding a unique aspect to their processes, typically companies are forced to manage with spreadsheets and increased paper-work. This is where companies such as Langley Foxall step into their own.

We are a Staffordshire based, award winning software development firm. We started to combat the frustrations and issues that the wrong software can cause by building custom software solutions, optimising efficiency levels.

Off the shelf systems certainly have their place, they are easy enough to implement virtually straight away, and you can see exactly what you are purchasing beforehand. Having said that, there will be a few areas of the system that do not align with your processes, resulting in the 21 days of ‘dead time’ per employee per year according to Sharp’s research.

How does custom software combat this?

A bespoke ERP system is designed and created specifically around the business’ unique processes, thus improving overall efficiency, making teams more effective, due to the automation the system has allowed.

This automation, provided by an all encompassing system, reduces error margins, with fewer data transfer needs and less human input, there is less margin for human errors.

With the improved processes bespoke solutions bring, companies are able to increase productivity which directly stimulates growth. In fact, in most cases a company has room to grow with the same size team, keeping overheads reduced and workload increased (all whilst reducing stress and workload for your team!).

Example cases:

This all sounds too good to be true but Langley Foxall have helped many businesses over the years so here's an example of the incredible work, there are a few key statistics to highlight.

Building a bespoke ERP system for one client that automated form filling and documentation sending, not only reduced overall job completion from (including waiting for posting) 2 week cycle time to a 2 hour cycle time, not only that but the system saved them a whopping £30,000 in stamps.

Another system Langley Foxall has implemented has allowed a client to go from having 400 customers with manual processes to 14,500 and still growing, with the same number of staff! Just goes to show how automation is helping businesses achieve more.

Despite an initial investment, quite quickly bespoke software could see businesses gain a huge return on investment. This influx in profits can then be reinvested into the business and continue to develop the company, leaving employees happy. As Richard Branson once said, look after your employees and they will look after your customers.

If this is something you are interested in then why not download our ebook, 6 Steps to build great ERP: https://langleyfoxall.co.uk/book/six-steps