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EP 1: Growing The Future - JHPS Gardens Case Study

JHPS CRM Customer View

I'll admit - when anyone see's the term "Case Study" they have an internal groan taking them back to secondary school. But stick around for this one - it might just impress you.

Over the last two months we have been working with JHPS Gardens to revolutionise how they operate as a business - in an effort to save thousands of man hours and make life a little easier for their growing team.

Due to them being a business that operates both from an office base and wide across the country, the end solution has been multi platform across Windows 10 desktops (UWP) and iPads for the mobile gardeners.

They previously used Act! to manage contacts and a number of other methods to manage the processes of the job from there, whilst the gardeners had no real system to manage their day to day works.


We built what I like to call a Service Management System (SMS). A singular, all encompassing piece of software that streamlines and accounts for all of the processes in the business. In this case, it managed their customer process start to finish with a CRM attached. I'll break it down for you;

We all know what a CRM is - most businesses have one, so I'll keep it quick. If you don't - drop me a message and we can help. We built a CRM to house customers, contacts, documents, users, "jobs", "visits" and quotes. (I'll get onto these later).

JHPS CRM Customer View JHPS CRM Tasks

Pretty standard CRM stuff. Now onto the service management (the interesting bit).

When building quotes - they had an excel spreadsheet that would calculate how much of each material they would need for a more general group (aka - 10m2 of block paving requires x of y, z of y*x etc).

What we came up with was integrating these groups with the application - when on site, JHPS can build quotes on their iPads without going back to the office using these quote groups with their formulas worked out, and materials added to the quote with the amount of labour and so on.

What makes this system great is that they can update the formulas, prices or suppliers of the materials at any point, and any quotes will be built from the result of those groups.

Christ I suck at explaining this - let me show you.

JHPS CRM Quote Groups

You can search up a group, and it will show you the inputs for that group (area of paving), and from there add all of the relevant items to the quote, updating the quotes value and the remaining hours to book for the job from the labour items. This can all be done either from the office or by users authenticated to quote for jobs.

<img src="https://imgur.com/nAxCUs8.png" alt="JHPS CRM Add Quote Group UWP" style="max-width:100%; />

JHPS CRM View Quote Items

From there, you can generate the quote document out to a word document, invoice the quote in Xero and so on.

But what about the remaining hours? Where do they come in?

In many industries, "jobs" happen. Whether its a servicing, an installation, a manufacturing process, tasks in software development - the list is endless. Whether it's Gardeners, Engineers, Software Developers - you do things.

Whilst this process can be tailored to perfectly fit any industries needs - in this case there are gardeners in vans that maintain, landscape and so on for customers across the country.

JHPS CRM Quote Groups

We created a scheduling system where you can create visits for a job - This will calculate travel times, values relative to the quote values and also take the amount of worked hours from the remaining hours in the job. The green blurred out boxes you see are gardeners assigned to the van on a day which obviously effects the total hours worked against a job.

JHPS CRM Quote Groups

Once a job has been booked - and the van the visit is assigned to logs into the iPad, they will see their listed jobs for the day, and be able to interact with those jobs.

JHPS CRM Quote Groups

The gardeners can be given directions to the job, see any images attached to the job, get completion signatures from the customers to upload directly to the CRM, and also see when any materials are going to be delivered to the customer site.

There are many many more features to the system but these specifically create the most streamlined pipeline for managing their customers that was possible.

We wish JHPS Gardens and their team all the best with their new software and hope to work with them in the future to develop it even further - to see some of their great work head over to their website by clicking here.

If you want to view a more social app that we made, take a look at Divviy.