Jade Short

Journeys with Langley Foxall

Success is all about the journey and every journey begins with the first step

Every aspect of your life is a journey whether that be your commute or your journey to get where you are now with your career.

When you walk into a car dealership, the sales executives will take you on a journey, you introduce yourselves, discover what car would suit you best and work together to build the perfect car that is tailored to you. The order is then placed, they usually keep you informed of any updates and then when it arrives they call you back in to do the handover.

That's just one example of a journey you may be more familiar with, no doubt you’ve taken a variety of paths to reach where you are today.

You also take your customers on a journey from the moment they see your brand to the moment they buy your product/service. As soon as your potential customer notices your brand you want them to see why they should choose you instead of a competitor. From the get-go, you want to make sure they have the best experience with your brand. We understand that, we all want the same thing!

Our clients come on a journey with us

We get talking about how we could solve your problems by creating the perfect software. We organise an initial meeting, this is all about getting to know your company and gaining more insight into your processes. Within the meeting, we will review your existing system infrastructure and begin to understand your company growth plans and any current limitations. From this, we can then advise and develop a plan to overhaul processes with innovative and tested solutions.

This is where the exciting stuff begins

After creating your assumptions from the initial meeting we can start working on your project. The developers working on your project will be involved in any meetings and you will be booked in. After that, we will set up regular meetings so that you are with us every step of the way.

Our goal is to create the perfect software to make your business more efficient and who knows your business better than you? That is why we go on the journey with you instead of working from a specification (after all specifications are for dinosaurs in this industry).

Working with you on this journey has proven to maximise efficiency from our end, resulting in quicker development times and ultimately making this, even more, cost effective for you.

The journey doesn’t end when the project finishes, we stay with you ensuring that the software performs as it should and to fix any minor bugs you might find (nobody's perfect), we set up service desks for you so you can raise issues and contact us directly. If your software is operationally critical we can arrange an SLA, essentially guaranteeing you our time every month to keep the cogs of your software oiled and running smoothly.


Some of you may still think it is 'too expensive' however the return on investment for our systems have been incredible, one client went from working 14 hours a day to running their business from the other side of the world on an Ipad. As a director, it will be hard to find the time to yourself with work and your growing business. We understand that with that comes extra stress which is why we create tailored software to enable you to take a step back whilst your business flourishes. A system that understands your unique processes all in one would give you the time back that you could use for your own dream holiday or use it to simply relax with the family.

If you want to continue to grow your business whilst taking your foot off the accelerator, custom software could help your business or if you're stuck in a rut with your current developers get in touch for a free software audit.