Fraser Scott

Langley Foxall Support - Supporting Your Investment.

This year has seen the unveiling of our Langley Foxall Service Support which we are incredibly excited to launch. It ensures our customers can take full advantage of their custom software solutions by receiving holistic coverage and maximising their investment.

In addition to executing the initial implementation and creation of the software, we find that customers also face the challenge of determining how to support and protect their systems as well as maximising end user adoption.

This has lead to the inception of the Langley Foxall Support Team. The transition means we have a dedicated department to look after our customers post deployment, ensuring system longevity, answering all of their system related questions, investigating incidents and solving any issues that arise.

Our customers are now able to minimise time wasted through manual investigation and can spend more time using the software as effectively and efficiently as possible. We are always on the look out for how we can provide further value to our customers which has resulted in our Support Service introduction and here's a sneak peak of what's in store:

  • We have a dedicated team of office-based full-time support staff.
  • First Response & Fix Times
  • Personal access to our self service customer portal with real time updates
  • Change Request / Problem Request Tickets
  • End User Training & Adoption
  • We offer a range of support packages with defined Service Level Agreements, each of which can be tailored to suit your individual business needs. What’s important is to select the solution that’s right for your business.
  • Sentry Monitoring-  Proactive monitoring your environment with Sentry if something happens we will know about it.
  • 24/7 Monitoring -  Phone-based and email support is available to respond to incidents affecting your environment 24/7.
  • Framework Updates & Security Updates

We provide Development support to suit your organisation’s needs: whether you’re an SME in need of fully managed support, or you’re an internal IT team that needs a little extra support, technical expertise or manpower, we can tailor to suit even the most demanding scenario.

It’s incredibly important for us to keep learning and adapting to refine and continually improve our processes and services. We place a lot of focus on ensuring our customer's take full advantage of  each aspect of their software and what Langley Foxall Support has to offer.

For more information feel free to contact us: or 01785 220892