Jade Short

LF News: Investing In The Future

Good news! We're offering degree apprenticeships!

"You don't build a business, you build people and then the people build the business"

Langley Foxall are advocates for apprenticeships; in this industry, it's difficult for developers to get the experience they need to start their career. We have found there is a skills gap which is mainly due to computer science courses not preparing students for developing commercial software.

As a company, we have been addressing this by providing level 3 and 4 apprenticeships with Baltic Training, however, the company have now decided to expand the apprenticeship academy and include degree apprenticeships through Staffordshire University.

We have taken on multiple apprentices over the years and now that Jake and myself (the latest apprentices) have finished our level 3 courses with Baltic it has been confirmed that we will progress with a degree apprenticeship starting in September.

Jake will be starting a digital and technology solutions professional degree and I will be starting a chartered manager degree and it's safe to say I'm rather excited!

Both Jake and I will continue to develop our skills over the course of four years and will be able to specialise in specific areas when it comes to work based projects.

Langley Foxall has a fantastic team, each employee comes to work with a smile on their face and that can be put down to the management putting time and effort into making sure the team are happy and are having their say about matters that affect them.


One of the main reasons the team loves coming into work is because LF understand that each individual has their own ambitions and Nick and Alex have listened to that and are helping them progress (just take a look at the degree apprenticeships as an example). By creating progression plans and helping the team to achieve their goals, each team member has bought into the Langley Foxall vision and have the same drive to do their part to help.

We all 'bleed orange' here and we're proud of it!

As you may have already seen on our social media, Langley Foxall are growing from strength to strength. We are achieving our targets and consistently developing the company, so much so that we will be looking to find a larger office space again soon.

We have huge plans for the future and the team is not only in the heart of that but they also want to make sure Langley Foxall achieves its goals and continues progressing.