Jade Short

Life at Langley Foxall

Life at Langley Foxall is certainly a busy one! I'm always posting about our busy days and constant meetings, the controlled madness, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

So, what do we do on a daily basis?
Although some projects may take a few months to complete, every day brings something different. When we get to work, we sit down and get on with bringing our clients’ visions to life. I, on the other hand, sit down and post about it throughout the day. I also have to interrupt them to remind them to write a blog or tidy their desk so I can post a picture!

The little things that make a big difference
We all know people that say they hate their job, whether because they’re stressed, bored or a little bit of both, it is not like that here. Here's a fun fact for you: a few months ago Nick got hold of a message from a recruiter asking a company friend why nobody that works here would leave. Here's the thing in my first ever blog I stated that I loved my job and I knew that people would be questioning how long that would last, update - I still love my job 6 months later! In fact, I love it a little bit more every single day.

For a company to run at its best it's vital that you can work well with the team around you but we think we really are truly lucky to have so many talented, eager members willing to do what they can for each other. At Langley Foxall we are a family, we all love what we do and we all love the company, mix that with constant jokes and you have a brilliant workforce. Every day it's a case of, music on and working away with a few jokes thrown into the mix. We all value each other for our different talents because as Alex said we are all important here

A happy workforce is a productive one

Of course, all I can say about this is what I see and hear, and judging from the smiles and laughs I'm saying it's not just me that loves their job.
The majority of social media and digital marketers have said they love their jobs as they love the freedom and creativity aspect. Me? I want to show off the amazing work our incredible team has produced. As someone who this time last year hated technology (we didn't get on) I have fallen in love with it completely!

The main thing about LF
Although we create custom-fit solutions that revolutionise industries, the main thing about LF is that we are all happy and loving our jobs. We all have the same goals and ambitions with the companies values at the heart of that.

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

And that is why we have done so well this past year, of course, that also has something to do with the standard of code our talented developers create and if you're curious to know how they work there will be more to come on their coding techniques. My previous blog post explains how our process works and how we develop such unbelievable software.