Sam Calvert

Life in Manchester

It’s been a few months since I joined the Langley Foxall revolution and each time I go down to visit HQ there’s always new faces to meet in the ever growing team.
Being part of a company that is continuing to thrive gives you great confidence when you’re tasked with finding new opportunities that you can tackle any challenge that could be heading your way.

New Digs
Being the only Manchester based part of the team it only seems fair that as I don’t get to enjoy the company of the other members of the team every day, I have been compensated with an incredible office, right? Either way, I’m not complaining!
I’m the lucky one who gets to enjoy the brilliant new facilities on offer at WeWork in No.1 Spinningfields, a co-working space in the heart of one of the fastest growing cities in europe.
This expansion in ‘the gateway to the North’, along with the move to the renovated space in Stafford, really demonstrate the direction the company is heading (as in bigger and better, not just more North).

Scale, Challenges & Opportunity
So how does my day differ in the new offices with the barista coffee and the table tennis and the terrace bar on the roof?
Manchester is all about scale, it’s growing seemingly in every calculable way which means new businesses, growing businesses, more industries, more nieches, more, more, more...

All of this scale adds up to a phenomenally exciting volume of potential but also a great deal of challenges.
Due to sheer numbers, the difficulties can also be exaggerated. There is more competition from companies offering similar services all around you, there are more potential opportunities which will not quite be what you hope for and you're more likely to easily miss a chance for a new opportunity completely.

The rate of growth within the city is amazing. I’m not a fan of a bullet list but the following simply became unreasonable as a sentence. Below are all contributors to the growth boom Manchester is and is forecast to continue enjoying:

  • 3 world class Universities, all retaining higher numbers of talent in the city following graduation
  • +11,000 residential units currently under construction (60% more than 2017)
  • £1 billion expansion and renovation of the airport
  • 2 world renowned sports institutions (although I’d have been more than happy if that had always remained just one)
  • Channel 4 is widely rumoured to be joining the BBC and ITV in the award winning Media City
  • Predicted over £500 million of Chinese investment over the next decade

So yeah. Manchester is moving quickly, really quickly. There is no sign of slowing down anytime soon either which means there is plenty to keep me on my toes for a lifetime and by proxy, the team in Stafford can look forward to many varied challenges to come. Plus they are more than welcome to come and visit for a free barista flat white.