Jade Short

My Journey as an Apprentice

Now that I am three-quarters of the way through my 12-month course and I have completed my assignments and exam, I wanted to share my journey so far and why it was the best possible decision for me.

How I started my journey with Langley Foxall

As a student I always knew I wanted to get into marketing so when the time came for my careers advice meeting, I went prepared; with a long list of questions and points to discuss. Turns out, it wasn't very helpful and by that, I just mean I didn't get the answers I was hoping for. I knew he wouldn't suggest an apprenticeship but I thought I would get a little bit more help rather than the door (metaphorically) shut in my face. It then fell to the head of sixth form and his army of teachers to try and convince me to apply to sixth form and go to university as I would end up with a 'better job' and then I wouldn't be wasting my 'academic ability'.

Multiple conversations with teachers later, with them still trying to convince me sixth form was my best option, I had a call from a training company arranging a phone interview and from there my journey started.

After I was accepted by the training company I was put forward for an interview at LF. I sat researching the company, taking notes from the website, adding questions etc... I arrived as prepared as I could be to my interview at Langley Foxall and 9 months later, here I am.

What a journey it has been

We have spoken before about customer journeys; the initial meeting, the progress meetings, the communication throughout so that we have the customers influence in every step. So here's a different angle, my thoughts on my apprenticeship journey.

To be honest, it was the best decision I could have made. I have learned so much, each and every day has something different in store and every step of the way I have learned something new. Gaining real experience, in my opinion, is the most valuable aspect of this journey.

Although learning the more technical side of the industry has proven to be the most challenging part of my journey, seeing the value our systems have brought to our customers and being able to work through their success stories after has been beneficial for me and outstanding to see how satisfied customers are. Being able to be part of such a brilliant team, one that is hell-bent on disrupting industries with new software, is something I am incredibly proud of. I have been lucky enough to work alongside a team who have been teaching me along the way.

As an employer

I cannot talk on behalf of any boss, however, putting my boss hat on for a moment I believe, apprenticeships are a brilliant way to get enthusiastic individuals started in an industry that requires years of experience. Apprenticeships are that stepping stone to starting a career in something new. Having regular reviews and training courses with the training provider gives you the knowledge you will need, whilst working 9-5 at a company which will give you the real-life experience to put strategies into practice. It also gives you the ability to bounce ideas off others who already have experience under their belt, in my opinion, this is the best way to learn (for me); being hands-on and surrounded by an experienced team.

Something to note

I just wanted to relay my experience as an alternative point of view for those wondering whether apprenticeships were a good avenue to go down, I am not stating apprenticeships are better than university nor am I stating it is the other way around. It completely depends what you want to do and how you learn best.

If you would be interested in started your journey with us with a developer apprenticeship we would love to hear from you, just head to the academy page for more info and get in touch!