Nicholas Langley

This Week's Reflection

Just a quick musing this morning.

As a 27 year old running a Software Development company we've flipped around our biggest problem and turned into one of our biggest assets as of recent. Our portfolio has turned into one of our greatest weapons to combat any preconceived judgements.

I can't emphasis the importance of having a fantastic portfolio, eighteen months ago this wasn't a luxury we were afforded with. But growing carefully has been the key, hire incredibly talented like minded people and build a team that can communicate, learn and deliver. We're not perfect but who is? The difference is, we analyse everything we do, we go back to the drawing board, build a new process or tweak it, analyse it and improve it. Then the cycle starts again.

Assume -> Design -> Build -> Learn

As a developer I learnt pretty quickly that this process maximised the ability to produce quality products. As a business owner I learnt pretty quickly that this process was replicable in business too.

We've had some great businesses in over the last two weeks who share a mutual feeling of excitement to start work on increasing productivity, becoming more innovative and becoming more customer focused by creating custom software with us.

Watch out for us, we're hiring more developers, moving offices, starting events and helping put Stafford on the map as a technology hub with other businesses in the area.

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of custom software for you business and how it can make your business more productive, please feel free to get in touch.