Anthony Fowler

Save My Soul or SMS for short

Generally I don't like acronyms - it takes forever to work out what someone means, you end up spending most of your time thinking about all the possibilities it could be, rather than to what they're actually saying afterwards. I actually feel better for saying that - right! on to the SMS....

SMS doesn't actually mean save my soul ... well maybe it does but just not in the context I'll be using it.

SMS stands for Service Management System, sound exciting? well, it is, if you're in to that sort of thing, which you should be, because it's awesome.

What is it? It's the holy grail for a company that wants to prepare for the future, make everything easier, increase productivity across the board, run truly useful business analytics and handle their customers with new found simplicity. An all encompassing piece of software to run everything, all the time, wherever you are. Nice!

It's not cheap though, but we've delivered ROI's that could make even the most sceptical CFO smile.

Who's it for? You would be forgiven for thinking this is for big businesses only, nothing could be further from the truth - whether you're {insert giant company} or you're {insert much less giant company} and you have a set of processes for running your business, then a service management system is for you.

Why? Most businesses have leaks in their processes and systems management, it's an inevitability as businesses expand, they find ways to deal with the extra workload and expanding departments by using technological "plasters" , an excel spreadsheet here, a pre-formatted word document there... this becomes the norm. Before you know it you've isolated the companies departments, the same processes are being completed a hundred different ways using various different software and no-one has a clue whether anything's getting done.

If you've ever heard yourself or someone else say "well that's the way we've always done it" when new ideas or change are pitched, then it's time to start exploring the world of SMS to truly understand how expensive that mindset may prove to be.

In short, if you're not accelerating your business development and trying to compete with market leaders in you're sector then you're most definitely getting left behind.

Of course its a great selling point that SMS's are about making money, it's also about longevity and securing your place in the future.

Please note: all use of acronyms were for irony purposes only