Alex Langley

Sponsoring the Gnosall Herons

As you might know, last year some of the LF team decided to join our local rugby club; The Gnosall Herons and are now fully fledged members, playing most weekends during the season and whining constantly about their injuries at the office during the weeks. Granted, Nick did break his collarbone but the other complaints we have to listen to such as dodgy toenails and painful fingers do get tedious!! (I’ll be in trouble for typing that!)

At the AGM last month sponsorship was up for deliberation among the committee so naturally we started to discuss how we could be involved, as Langley Foxall, to sponsor the club which is becoming very close to our hearts. We quickly decided to sponsor the new seasons kit which got a couple of our team particularly excited about the thought of having our fox logo plastered over their sportswear!

Besides wanting to support our local club there are other benefits:
Firstly this sponsorship should build our brand awareness; our logo will be seen by players and fans not only of our team but also of plenty of opposition, extending our network. Rugby's audience has a very strong demographic (ABC1) and the values which rugby stands for makes sponsorship incredibly appealing.

This leads onto awareness in new geographical areas; as the Heron’s matches aren’t all based in Staffordshire they will be promoting our company outside of the area as they travel around.
We also recognised that as a company we want to be socially responsible; showing to customers and employees that our community around us matters and that we want to contribute to ensure that we balance our profit-making with activities that benefit society.

Finally it's the right thing to do! Our club needs help from local companies and as so many of the LF team are involved it seems natural that as a company we’re able to invest in it to ensure the club receives enough funding to keep running.

We’re involved in the design of the new kit and are very excited to get our hands on it! I know that the LF team will wear the kit with pride and am certain that the rest of the rugby team will also. Photos to follow shortly!!