Jade Short

7 Easy Steps to Writing a Blog

I have only been in the business for a month or so, but here are my top tips that I swear by when writing blogs.

What am I supposed to write about? What date do I need it done for? Can't it wait!? Does it really matter?

These are common questions people are faced with when asked to write a blog. When you're busy at work you don't really have time to spend 2/3 hours writing at length - unfortunately some companies see it as a waste of time, but is it really? If so why do other businesses 'waste time' to do it?

Well writing a blog is actually a brilliant way of showing your audience that you have a personality and that you aren't just updating websites like a robot; you are showing that people work here and we care, everyone of us cares! So as someone who hasn't been doing it that long, what are the simple top tips I would have appreciated knowing when I started? Well they're simple really;

1- Decide on a topic

It's like when you were at school and you wanted to write a story in literacy but you sat there for up to an hour not knowing what to write about. Know the feeling? Welcome to blog writing - don't worry you'll learn to love it too! This is where the plan your teacher always used to bang on about comes in handy- but we will come to that next.

2-Create a plan

Yes this certainly takes me back a few years to when the teacher used to tell you 'you must have a plan before you start' and they would tell the same story where a capable child who was predicted straight A's didn't plan and got a C, but a pupil working at a D got a B because they had made great plans to help them out. Anyway, back to the point... creating a plan is not a waste of time at all and in fact saves you time in the long run as it prevents you from going off topic and repeating yourself multiple times. Number each section you are going to write with a topic, this also allows you to plan how much you are going to write as well to prevent writing pages and pages.

3- Structure

This leads me to talking about structure, let me ask you one question...would you rather read a page of block writing or a page that is broken into paragraphs with subheadings and quotes? The majority would say the second because most of us scan read blogs to see whether there is anything interesting and useful for them other wise it's likely to be a waste of THEIR time. Most people spend time on social media these days but don't read articles unless they have specifically looked it up so as a result they scan read to find the answers. By having a structure it makes your blog more readable and more likely to get a better response.

4- Draft

I always write my blog on one document and then write it up again on the actual web. This sounds like a waste of time but it allows me to make amendments as I retype and gives me a second chance to check my spelling and grammar. I then have it proof read by someone else in the office. A blog is about showing your personality but it must be easy to read otherwise people will switch off.

5- Use a witty title

This may be the most important thing as the title engages the reader right from the start; if the blog is about fashion but you've used a quote from an action film talking about cars, people won't read it, simple. The title must be relevant. The title is your first and possibly only chance of catching your audience so make it count!

6- Don't forget to promote it

A common mistake that a lot of people make is not sharing the link to their blog. How are people going to know about it?! Promote it on different social media and don't use the same content for promoting on everything as you have different audiences on each platform. Make sure you write a comment that will interest the audience so that they do read it.

7- Show your personality

Throughout your blog you want to portray both your own and your companies personalities to potential and existing clients; you want to show that you’re not all robots working in your offices. You are witty individuals with stories to tell and experiences to share surrounding your companies field of expertise.

All that is left to say is get writing, get posting and good luck!