Fraser Scott

Supporting your Custom Software

We’ve all been there... We suddenly can’t send emails, our website is down or that dreaded error screen with all sorts of technical mumbo jumbo flying at you, you have no idea what is going on, you're just getting more and more frustrated.  

Whatever the problem is, we typically need to contact some sort of support or service desk for assistance. This is where the pitfall of user experience goes from bad to wanting to throw the monitor or phone out the window (we may hate to admit it but we have all been there I'm sure!).

It sounds silly when you ask what do users want from support or your service desk it's pretty obvious really...Fix their issue, make them feel it's under control and you are there to help, however this is not always the case, let’s expand on this.

Put the customer in the spotlight

Seeing that a customer found the perfect fix with your product is incredible validation. Every organisation that wants to enjoy a good relationship with clients and prospects needs to adopt an ethos which places the customer engagement at the very centre of the business.

This needs to be the guiding light when establishing processes and workflows across every department, in order to ensure that customer service doesn’t become an afterthought. However, with a customer-centric foundation firmly in place, technology can serve as a powerful channel to help you provide service levels faster and better.

If you have some very specific requirements for your business which just can’t be solved with any of the above, we can build and support that system for you.

We build and support a plethora of software systems for our customers, and in multiple instances we have been the firefighters or knights in shining armour when taking on an existing system.

Here at LF, we often get approached by clients who have run into trouble with their software development. Sometimes the project has stalled, perhaps due to technical or organisational issues, and sometimes the development team has simply not been able to address the key challenges the software was meant to solve. Whatever the scenario, we are tasked with untangling the development progress and making a fresh start.

You can count on us to carry the torch

We understand that working with a new and external software development house can seem alien and intrusive. We ensure we work with our customers, guiding them where we can whilst also listening to requests making sure we get the small details of business logic and customer requirements– we’ll support you, not make your life harder.

After the project is complete, you’ll have full access to our support desk to deliver on-going support services either directly to end-users, or in the background ensuring a smooth service is delivered daily.

This service ensures that your application remains fully supported by our team against an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is appropriate for your specific business.

If you want to chat about how we can support your business and software whether that's software we created or existing custom software feel free to get in-touch by phone - 01785 220892 or email