Fraser Scott

The Risk of Unsupported Software

From time to time we find that a customer will question why they need a support contract and what are the disadvantages of not having one for their newly developed software solution. This post should help to answer this question and clarify any surrounding uncertainties.

So, the inevitable question is usually, “Does it really matter if I run software without a support solution?”. Let's go through why a support solution is considered vital to the business and the longevity of your software investment.  

Unfortunately, the potentially disastrous consequences of not upgrading software make no distinction between carelessness or cost-cutting: either way, you’re exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

To help you make your decision, we’re going to take you through why a support service is vital and the things you need to be aware of if you decide to continue running an unsupported software solution.

No Further Updates or Enhancements  

Keeping your software up-to-date is crucial. Upgrades also introduce patches, hot fixes and security updates that address any bugs or weaknesses in the system. As the software is being designed, built and polished this is all developed in that current year which means any new hardware or software upgrades, framework changes and package upgrades in the future could introduce anomalies. These anomolies can change the way the application behaves in terms of speed, aesthetics, usability, efficiency and capability, potentially resulting in system security being compromised. Continuing to use an unsupported and/or obsolete product means you're not maintaining the most effective solution, with the software typically becoming incompatible with new operating systems and updates. Running software past its end of life date is never a smart long-term decision.

No Security Patches

With supported software, service packs and security patches are regularly released which ensures the software remains secure. This protects customer data, maintains the reliability of the software and reduces the likelihood of system breaches. Remaining diligent when it comes to maintaining and updating your software is the single most important factor in Internet security.

No New Features

Software updates can introduce important new features, improvements and fixes that ensure your software remains stable, is able to integrate with new technologies as they're released, and that the processes the software was designed to compliment remain as efficient as the day the software went live. Unsupported software results in no further enhancements or updates taking place, which quickly leads to an obsolete and outdates system . Our Support Service packages include the freedom for our clients to add new features in a matter of hours, in addition to making sure their software is always kept up to date.

NoTechnical Support - End User

We’ve found that once customers who couldn't wait to get their hands on their new solution finally do, they often have a host of questions with the majority requiring technical support to guide them to a resolution. Quick and easy access to a reliable technical support service is the foundation of a well oiled system. This in turn empowers users and leads to increased productivity, reduced costs and improved profitability. All of our support services come with technical support for issues that need expert attention, giving your users the confidence to use the software as efficiently and easily as possible.

Compliance Violations

Nearly all industries have stringent and compulsory legal and regulatory requirements, put in place to protect both businesses and consumers. The fairly recent introduction of GDPR is a prime example of this. Businesses that are relying on obsolete hardware and/or software are far more prone to security breaches and are therefore at higher risk of breaking laws and regluations. This can lead to heavy fines, legal action and often irrepairable reputational damage particularly when a data breach occurs. Keeping your software fully supported and up to date is therefore of paramount importance.

Costs Comparison

We have found that there is a clear difference in cost saving for our clients who adopt a support service compared to those who choose to go down the root of ad hoc development. Typically ad hoc development is 18-24% more expensive than a support service, due to incremental changes, accessibility, business requirements and development availability. Failure to be on the receiving end of a high quality, fast resolution and interactive support service is likely to result in unforeseen costs and big risks.

Support Designed for your Business

Our support service packages have been designed after careful and thorough consideration based on analysis of our clients historical needs and concerns. They provide comprehensive and reliable support to all businesses regardless of business size, and in special circumstrances we're even able to make adjustments to our packages to tailor make a support package that fits perfectly around your business. Whether your preference is to use phone, e-mail, or even our customer portal, we're able to cater for all.

Return on Investment

Focusing on core competencies with the adoption of a support service allows businesses to make use of existing resources and reduce the pressure on the workforce. Allowing employees to focus on their workload priorities and business as usual activities rather than trying to get to the bottom of and fix issues will massively increase productivity and ensures your workforce can remain focused on the task at hand.

It's important to remember that small amounts of time (and money) saved in one business or system area often causes a ripple effect leading to preventative savings in other areas. It is always more efficient to perceive and prevent issues from ocurring than it is to react and fix.

In short, unsupported technology can end up costing your business a considerable amount of time, money and overall productivity.

For questions about our support services or upgrading your contract please contact Langley Foxall Support today, who can present you with the options best suited to your enterprise.

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