Jade Short

The Crazy World of Technology

Put me in front of an iPad with social media and I’m happy, start talking about coding languages and you’ve most likely lost me. It is no secret that I am not the most technical person in the world, in fact, I have no idea what the team is on about 90% of the time (I am improving though, it used to be all the time).

Before starting here my knowledge was extremely limited when it came to software, in fact, it was next to nothing, I knew I got a notification on my phone to update it now and then but that was pretty much it. The guys will probably moan at me for this, but I didn't really get it, I knew it existed but I guess I just had no need to think about it, now I have realised the true value it can bring when done right.

Over the past 12 months or so I have become very passionate about the benefits software can bring. We live in a world revolving around technology, we're aware of how many apps are out there such as your mobile banking app, travel apps, retail apps (such as Selfridges, House of Fraser, Missguided) but the software that goes into other ‘things’ is something you wouldn't normally consider, I certainly didn’t.

"If the technology that landed a man on the moon is only 10% as powerful as the iPhone in your pocket, what else could your phone allow you to do"

Now, if we focus on the business side of things, there are all of these software packages that claim to solve various problems within the company and don’t get me wrong, this SaaS is brilliant up until the point where your business reaches the software’s limit. Then what?

This is usually where the spreadsheet comes in to lend a hand, the archaic best friend of the technologically unaware causing workers to use multiple pieces of software running to complete one task and then have to manually manage that with a spreadsheet. We have spoken about the nightmares spreadsheets can bring before but not only is this time consuming and usually stressful it also increases the chances of human error which could cost the company.

You wouldn’t expect your mobile banking app to keep taking you to different places to fill out the same information, imagine the frustration that would bring and the time it would consume for the user. It is the same principle when it comes to your business. The reduction in paperwork is enough to put a smile on any employees face and if employees are happy, customers will be too. With one all-encompassing system that fully understands your unique business, you can streamline your processes, reduce the chances of human error and get rid of the dreaded paperwork!

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that it’s important to keep up with the times and progress with your processes as well as every other aspect of your business. Society as a whole is moving faster due to technology, just look at apple pay for example and being able to make payments quickly and securely whilst you're midway through catching up on Instagram or your favourite Snapchat stories, or quickly flick to your health and lifestyle app to make sure your within your calorie limit for the day as you eagerly eye up the donut in your basket.

If you think about the technology in a car these days. the virtual cockpit, the systems on your screen that allows you to change various settings in the car or simply use your satnav, your wing mirrors folding in when you lock the car never mind features such as adaptive headlights, adaptive cruise control, (leaving a set distance between you and the car in front and then making your steering wheel vibrate if you're 'drifting off'). The technology just keeps getting better and better, same as every aspect of life these days, especially in business.

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