Jade Short

User Experience: Take Me on a Journey

All we want as a user is a pleasant experience

In the busy world we live in today, we want to be able to google something and have the answer come up straight away. The principles apply to your website. Time to us is precious in the fast-paced environment we are living in now and with that in mind, I will try to keep this short and sweet.

What would you consider to be a good user experience? Generally speaking, we like to be taken on a journey. If we haven't been on a website before, we like to be encouraged to click on something and be guided through the user experience that was intended by the website creators.

For example, if you went to Selfridges to get a few things for your holiday, you have either been there before and know where to go, which level you want, or you have to stride on over to the information boards which tell you what floor you are on and then what is on each floor (allowing you to easily find what you're looking for).

The website is a similar thing, when you first go on you have the 'hottest trends' or you can go to the menu and select what you are looking for from here you can navigate through the filters to find what you are really looking for. Alternatively, you could search for exactly what you want and cut out the rest of the process, this is the difference between interest and decision in terms of the sales funnel.

So how does this apply to my company website?

You want to make sure you cater it to your audience when creating, designing and writing the copy for your site, make sure you know who will visit your website and why they are there. Once you have these you can work on solving their problems (the reasons they are there) in the most effective and simple way possible, this will then allow them to start building trust with the brand when they land on your homepage. If you can make their lives easier by providing the information they want clearly then they are more likely to build a loyalty to your brand and consider buying your product or paying for a service.

Know what your audience want and the most effective ways to display that to them

The same applies to your software:

Although this is not something your customers will see, it will be something that affects them, after all the people who are cogs in the running of the business are using this and working through a process. It may also be the difference between hitting your targets and exceeding them. If your software is not easy to use with the areas your team will need, then this could cause a multitude of issues. You may have already experienced a few of them;

  • The speed in which it takes to complete tasks
  • Lack of communication between systems, departments, and customers
  • The lack of consistency and uniformity of your work
  • Customers having different experiences with your brand
  • Training staff is difficult and they struggle to remember your processes
  • Product delivery and comms are not strcutured and consistent

As important as user experience is for your customers regarding your website, it is also vitally important for businesses that they have the right software and processes in place because not having a clear and defined process that all staff can follow and execute is a potenially problematic situation.

If I have sparked your interest in these points we would love to hear from you and help you create the perfect journey for both customers and employees.