fermacell® wanted a solution that would simplify and improve their processes.

The Brief

fermacell® needed a solution that would improve their processes, they wanted something custom, tailored specifically to them and with a visual improvement of the application for the user, as well as the PDF reports it creates for clients.

The application made processes quicker, improved the handling of reports and gave a better representation of fermacell’s professionalism as they deal with their high calibre clients.

After the initial consultation on their current systems and with their collaboration we identified the areas for improvement. It was agreed that replacing their off the shelf app with a custom build was a step in the right direction, allowing them to control the future of the system and mould it to their ever growing operational requirements.

"They listened to our needs and helped develop and optimise simple solutions to streamline our business, communicating effectively throughout the process."

Andrew Richardson - Technical Executive at fermacell®


This is the best part for us, seeing the outcome of the system we created and seeing the positive effects it has had on our clients. We built the application with the visuals to match the visions of the company and made sure it worked offline too. The implementation of the app resulted in:


The implementation of the application has resulted in work schedules being more efficient with improved communication throughout the team between staff, head office and clients all helping to improve processes.


As a result of the application, site visit management is now more effective as added features such as the ability to book the next site visit and automatically adding it to the personnel’s calendar on site, as well as alerting site management to accommodate the future visit have all contributed to the improved process.

fermacell app shown on an iPad

Standardising forms

The users were often different in their style of question answering on the forms resulting in technically correct but inconsistent forms. The new site visit forms however, are clean, dynamic, easy to use and come with a targeted information zone for each question to ensure the consistency of the form completion.

Reduced process completion times

The time it takes to work through admin work has reduced significantly due to quicker processes. The application has allowed fermacell® to redistribute the hours saved through quicker on-site processes which have had a direct impact on the staff’s ability to spot and report on issues.

fermacell website pages shown on an laptop