Penny Hydraulics are actively pushing the limits and innovating their sales processes.

The Brief

Penny Hydraulics expressed an interest in building a product library mobile application, the app needed to assist Penny Hydraulics in showcasing their products at events and when interacting with potential customers. The app also needed to work offline and so could not be reliant on the internet to work, any leads captured however, could be uploaded to an online admin panel after syncing the devices; with internet connection.

Users want to action requests for info, quotes and callbacks within the app, this will generate leads which will be accessible from the existing admin panel currently used for analytics. There are future plans for the application to include a quoting tool, legislation documentation and additional media added to product pages. It is foreseen that the app could take over as the key tool for the sales department.

"The sales app has revolutionised how we interact with our customers. The app brings together all of the information that both our sales team and the customer could possibly need. It was a massive success improving the customer experience and projecting a professional image."

Daniel Casey - Marketing Manager at Penny Hydraulics


The results from the application were very positive, so much so, the Sales Director even came into the office to personally thank the development team working on the project. He was so impressed with the process from beginning to end commenting upon the results saying they were phenomenal for both the event as a whole and the application.


Having all required details on the app meant that sales staff didn’t have to find physical copies of the documentation throughout the show making for a smoother and quicker sales process. It also made it easier to gain the basic details of the potential customer to follow up at a later date if necessary.


Before the implementation of the application, the sales team would be required to fill out printed enquiry forms or use notebooks to jot down customer details posing issues further down the line if details ended up getting missed off or copies got misplaced. The application has since resolved this potential issue.

Penny Hydraulics app shown on an iPad


This links with the removal of paper based processes; whilst on the stand during the show having to have paper copies out throughout the process with customers causes unnecessary delays but by having the application to hand, small issues such as pens running out and not working can be avoided, adding to the professionalism.


Despite the application being designed with the CV show in mind, it has continued to benefit the sales team on a day to day basis. Reducing the amount of paperwork and documentation the team have to carry around for meetings and continuing to impress potential customers with the innovative solution.

A person using the Penny Hydraulics app