Comprehensive Code Health Checks

The ultimate test to evaluate your existing software solution’s durability. To understand how long your software will last you need to get to know the underlying system.

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The Code Health Code Process

Simple Enquiry

Simple Enquiry

Click the button above to fill out a simple enquiry form to get the ball rolling, from here one of our team will be in touch to talk you through the process.

Perform Check

Perform Health Check

If you're happy to go ahead, one of our senior developers will perform rigorous analysis of your system and produce a full health check.

Receive Report

Receive Report

We will deliver your code health check report within 7 working days and talk you through what we've found.

discover what is lurking in your software

We realise that software is only as good as the weakest link in the code that sits behind it. Our experienced development team will highlight any areas of weakness within your code and collaborate with you to find the most efficient way to eliminate them.

This allows you to be confident in the fact that your business ambitions are fully supported by your system’s ability.


Much akin to the construction industry, complex software should have the involvement of an Architect from the initial design through to the development, all the way to the deployment of the software. Our health check will highlight so-called anti-patterns in your software, anti-patterns are a leading cause in your software becoming unmaintainable.


A good indicator of poor coding standards is how the custom software in question deals with larger data sets. Seeing the software become slow or unresponsive normally indicates sub par coding practices. We aim to build robust software that is not only maintainable but incredibly fast.


Database design is one of the main factors that will determine how fast your software application can read and write information. Keeping efficiency in mind when designing your database, you can minimise the amount of CPU needed by the server to complete your request, thereby ensuring a faster application at the end of the development.


Should your App accompanying your custom software be Android or iOS, or both? Do your pages need to update without refreshing? Does this data really need to sync live? We investigate whether the right system choices were made, you could be sacrificing application speed otherwise.


Although code styling doesn’t necessarily impact the performance of the project, the lack of styling perhaps points to a much more serious problem. Consistency is key when developing reliable and efficient code.

“A comprehensive test to grade custom software longevity.”

Fraser Scott - Service Manager at Langley Foxall Ltd