Customer Portals

Stages of an Customer Portal page being designed

*This image is a representation of a bespoke ERP end product. Our custom built solutions will vary according to specific requirements.

Empowering your customers

By utilising customer portals you can empower your customers to explore the business on their own terms, provide feedback, and make purchases or book in servicing whatever it may be.


Improve the levels of communication between your brand and your customers with a portal, chat, share quotes, discuss design ideas and engage with your customers on a higher level.

Central Sharing Point

Give customers the ability to find and share all required documents. Create a central location for your team and your customers to find information easily.

Improved Visibility

Create a space for your customers to log in and see their progress, provide complete visibility for your customers to see all of their information and details.


Improve your overall efficiency by giving your customers the power to take control of their own ordering and tracking. Allow them to view their information to reduce workloads for your teams answering phones to simple requests such as ‘can you resend the invoice’.

Improved Customer Service

Optimising your process and providing an area for your customers to log into can help you improve your customer service, with the features that can be included in a portal you can reduce the ‘little’ phone calls and allow your team to focus on more important issues whilst customers can instantly access their required information.

Reduced Workload

Customers are able to take control of their own ordering reducing the time it takes the team to contend with simple requests that take up unnecessary time and leave the customer unsatisfied.

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