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An image split in half showing an old version and new version of software

*This image is a representation of a bespoke ERP end product. Our custom built solutions will vary according to specific requirements.

Supporting and improving business software

Providing support and additions for existing solutions whether they are created by Langley Foxall or not. Our support team are on hand to give your company peace of mind should any issues arise.

Tailor Made SLAs

We’re committed to providing maximum uptime, extreme durability, reliability and excellent customer service with our tailor-made Service Level Agreement (SLA). We match your specific needs and wants with our services providing customised solutions for your specific project or situation. Our SLA’s now come with the option of 24/7 coverage.

Proactive customer support

Our proactive monitoring service makes sure we keep ahead of any issues before they affect you and your customers. Providing reassurance that issues are being monitored, communicated and managed before they begin to affect your daily operations.

Security and Monitoring

We work to the highest standards of software development to minimise any security vulnerabilities. In conjunction with our standards we utilise some of the industry's best security monitoring software to ensure we’re always aware of abnormal activity and keeping your data safe.

Regular framework updates

Our framework updates help our customers maintain the longevity of their investment by using reliable, long lasting frameworks and we keep them up to date regularly for you to keep everything running smoothly. Framework updates also protect against potential attackers looking to compromise your system by attacking vulnerabilities in older versions.

Code health checks

The ultimate test to evaluate your existing software solution's durability. To understand how long your software will last, you need to get to know the underlying system. Langley Foxall will look through the code checking 5 key areas to ensure they are optimised for the best use of your system.

Code refactoring

Taking existing code bases and refactoring them to our exacting standards. As a result, the projects we work on have an increased reliability and thus prepare your code to be a platform to build further improvements or new features. Technology is constantly evolving and so are the frameworks and languages systems are written in. We will refactor your code to align it to modern standards resulting in a more reliable system and possible future additions.

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