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*This image is a representation of a bespoke ERP end product. Our custom built solutions will vary according to specific requirements.

Inspire with incredible UI and UX scaling with constant growth opportunities

Empower users with incredible designs focused around the end users, allowing for growth opportunities and ensuring excellent user experience.


Research is one of the most important phases of any app project. If you haven’t already; it’s important to research competitors, analyse the different design and payment models and identify opportunities to gain a competitive advantage in the market.


Frustration through unintelligent journey design can kill a users experience, a mantra of 4 clicks or less to get to any piece of information within an application is a good standard to abide by, any more than 4 and you’re likely burying information too deep or relying on your users to be overly intuitive.


Our design gets more technical than the average bear, adherence to design sets, interface guidelines, and store design principles are just a few examples of our attention to detail. Designing and planning to incorporate these principles makes review times faster and makes it more likely that you will feature your application on the app stores.


Create an MVP, test with friends & colleagues or employ dedicated focus groups to gain feedback on your application. This is also commonly known as a phased approach, like with many other applications, it’s important to employ the Pareto Principle, creating the first 20% of the application that’s going to do 80% of the work, release to the world and build from there, refining the idea through many small iterations.


Listen to your users and give them the ability to comment upon features or report bugs, admin panels paired with the app will help you monitor and respond to users and establish opportunities to modify, improve or create new areas of functionality.


App usage metrics can be gathered based on the key drivers you set out when creating an application. For example, if you have an application that takes payments, you should be able to track whether users are failing to complete in-app purchases or ad clicks and why this is happening - is it a technical issue or a design issue? Savvy development will generate metrics that become increasingly important as your app scales.

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