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Here at Langley Foxall we work closely with our apprentices, helping them tackle tough challenges to become a better developer. We understand that people work differently so we like to get to know our new employees, we can allocate tasks that are within their skill set but also challenge them to learn and grow. You'll be involved in real world projects, conversing with our clients in meetings & focus groups, have the opportunity to be creative and take responsibility for parts of your own workload. It may be comforting to know that every developer here started out as an apprentice and are now becoming experts in what they do, this means that they are understanding and can provide guidance throughout.

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We offer 3 different apprenticeships, Level 3 Software and Web Development Apprenticeships, Level 3 Software Development Apprenticeships and a Level 4 Software Development Apprenticeships. Each one with their own benefits and learning curve. The Level 3 Apprenticeships will last 12 months and the level 4 will last 18 months. Level 3 qualifications are equivalent to A-Levels and Level 4 qualifications are equivalent to foundation year degree. To do a level 4 you must first have a level 3 qualification, such as A-levels, or have completed an advanced apprenticeship.
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Work with Baltic

Baltic work with their students throughout the courses to provide them any support they may need. They provide the training online over webinars but occasionally you may be required to go to a classroom for a day but that will be discussed by them. Baltic offer a variety of courses which are IT related and have experienced employee’s taking the host's position in the webinar to help students through any issues they may come across, having such experienced leaders makes the entire journey with them hassle free and a successful one most importantly.
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Level 3 Software and Web Development Course

If you want to work on the web as well then the software and web development is the apprenticeship for you, as you get the best of both worlds all in one, of course there are differences because in this apprenticeship you will take courses on web development rather than SQL however you will still do some of the same things such as Object Oriented Programming. This apprenticeship will also last 12 months and broadens your options for your future in developing, once again you will be supported throughout and be preparing for real world problems.

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Level 3 Software Development Course

This 12 month long apprenticeship is your path to success, with only 8 weeks taken up by Baltics training and the rest of the time is for you to start to understand the area you wish to pursue. It gives you the foot in the door that you may need, by doing this you get both a qualification and experience in the field you want to progress in. Baltic covers a variety of topics such as SQL and Object Oriented Programming that you may use to prepare you for your everyday experiences with your job. Within your apprenticeship you will be supported from the get go by the Baltic team and your workforce.

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Level 4 Software Development Course

This apprenticeship is 18 months long and goes into more detail regarding what you will be doing in the real world, whereas the level 3 courses previously mentioned are equivalent to A levels, this course is the equivalent to a BTEC professional diploma. This course also entails a project management section which will be beneficial for you. This course also offers an advanced website section which would allow you to broaden your skills from software development to web development also.

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