Our team has decades of combined software experience at your disposal

Custom Software Development

At Langley Foxall we specialise in creating bespoke software, helping customers unlock their creative potential and challenge their industry standards. Custom software provides a blank canvas allowing you to automate and eliminate mundane tasks. Tailored software defines your company and helps you take a lead to supercharge your business processes putting you ahead of the curve.

We are always striving to help businesses streamline their processes to increase both productivity and efficiency. By creating a fully custom system from the ground up enables us to work with you to completely understand each and every process in your business. From here we can use our expertise to build the perfect system without having to compromise, helping organisations to understand the roles and responsibilities that must be established, and to empower teams and individuals with the tools to succeed.

To White Label Development

White Label Software Development

Increasing revenue with white labelling services with our experience in software development we are able to work simultaneously with individuals and agencies. We take our clients ideas and put them into a viable strategy in order to understand their needs now and apply them for the future. With our expertise and experience we can take away the hassle from project management and development creating better results for the end user. Throughout your journey with Langley Foxall you will collaborate with a wider team of experienced individuals in house who are accomplished in achieving client targets and always trying to exceed expectations. As a business we strive for long term relationships with customers, due to this we have spent many hours perfecting our communication and documentation to make the journey as seamless as possible, reliability and professionalism are our hallmarks.

To New Product Development

New Product Development

By leveraging modern technologies we are able to create innovative solutions. The key to new product development is understanding the target market, with focus groups and market lead development. By allowing us to gather the data and feedback we are able to define the optimal user experience and use that to create a tailored solution catered to the identified target market. Whether this is for a personal development application or professional development it can provide better communication with your target audience or customer. From a business point of view there is better communication with customers through increased touch points, this tends to lead to improved service delivery for businesses. Throughout the process we will continue to test new features, look at the user analytics in order to continue creating an application that is designed and created to the highest standard specifically for the identified target market.



"A young professional vibrant company and a pleasure to work with, I would highly recommend them. They listened to our needs and helped develop and optimise simple solutions to streamline our business in this digital age, communicating effectively throughout the process. We are already looking at new projects with them, based on the experience and excellent results delivered to date".

"The new configurator offers a compelling online experience for the user and allows us to respond to both existing and potential customer demands in a quicker and more accurate manor than the competition. We’re delighted with the finished product and have every confidence that it will help drive customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately improve our market share."

"I would highly recommend the team at Langley Foxall, We have been working with Langley Foxall for just under a year now and they they have always been readily available and responded quickly when we get in touch. Really pleased with the work that Langley Foxall have done for us in the past, and we are looking forward to working more with them in the future."

“We worked with Langley Foxall on the development of a budgeting tool for a client of ours. They provided Visual Basic programming to improve the look/feel and usability of the tool. Both the communication with Langley Foxall and their output was excellent and I would happily recommend them to any client.”

Sarah Wright

The Office Equation Ltd

steps to creating amazing software

Step One - Discovery Phase

Arguably the most exciting part of the process for us, we spend time integrating ourselves into the business mindset, analyse the software and processes currently in place and begin to understand how the business operates, if the client has an idea of what they want to achieve then we use this as the basis for architecturing the solution, given our experience in multiple industries - we use this time to share our knowledge of our previous work in an effort to educate and inspire our clients.

Step Two - Assumption building

After discovering what it is you want from your custom system our experienced team set about creating a set of assumptions with an estimate price. We work with assumptions instead of specifications as we understand you may wish to change a few of the features as we go through which is why we have regular progress meetings, altering the assumptions slightly throughout the process has proven to be the most cost effective route (and may even save you money) .

Step Three - Estimating

Estimating is a critical part of project planning, involving a quantitative estimate of project costs, resources or duration. We pride ourselves on our experience providing our customers accurate estimations gained by delivering over 50 concurrent projects, this has made us very accomplished at estimating our clients business goals.

Step Four - Project Management

Our project team keep up constant communications with weekly reports, development schedules, change request updates, and product delivery planning. By constantly being part of the conversation we develop our products on a highly collaborative level, giving you more access and control.

Step Five - Delivery

Delivery comes in many forms from app store submissions, set up local environments on in-house servers, pushing to websites or transferring code to our white label developers. All processes follow the same high standards of delivery and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Step Six - Aftercare

We offer tailor made Service Level Agreements scaled and customisable relative to the size of the project, multi-level support agreements are available to all our customers. Our service desk comes as standard as part of our warranty period and will be available should you need us.