If you’re getting frustrated with your existing software solution or are in the market for a new custom system, our team of experienced software developers, project managers and consultants will strive to ensure your business processes are streamlined, increasing productivity and operational efficiencies.

"They listened to our needs and helped develop and optimise simple solutions to streamline our business, communicating effectively throughout the process.”

Andrew Richardson - Technical Executive at fermacell

iOS Development

Developed in Xcode using swift, we understand how to make a functional yet beautiful iOS app. From Agricultural Engineers to Accountants, from Human Resource Managers to Athletes we've designed, built and tested successful apps for all.

Android Development

We Develop natively in Android Studio using Java, tackling solutions with finesse. Android is the most widely used platform among consumers today. There are a huge range of devices and aspect ratios available. We are the team that considers all platform possibilities and conventions to get the most out of your app.

UWP Development

Our custom Universal Windows Platform developers have developed for clients in incredibly diverse fields including medical, oil and gas, accounting, engineering, and more. From small utilities to large business suites, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to make your idea a reality.

Web Development

Our Web developers have developed sites of all scales, from completely custom built CRM's to simple sites with CMS systems to live data dashboards using web socket technologies. No job is too big.


Initial Meeting

We can help you establish if bespoke software is the right fit for you, give you an idea of how we develop along with a rough ballpark costing.


We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach so our team will work with you to help you to identify your needs and prioritise features.

Interactive Wireframes

From here, you will receive interactive wireframes alongside a price for your solution and our team will advise you on your next steps.


Relationships, Reimagined

The core of any business is its relationship with its customers. Managing this relationship is crucial to building customer trust and loyalty. Build a CRM tailored to your exact needs and processes.


Optimising the workforce

Maximise company speed and efficiency. Shift management, planning resource and staying proactive in ever changing circumstances. Typically designed and integrated with custom job management.

Sale Management

Location and quantity handling simplifed

Optimise your sales pipeline and manage leads, lead generation integration through enquiry forms, applications, websites and email. Set and analyse sales KPIs for team members and track performance. Convert leads to quotes and quotes to orders to digitise and simplify the overall sales process.

Stock Management

Relationships, Reimagined

Manage your stock levels, set automatic reminders for supply and integrate with EPOS and E-Commerce solutions to reserve and sell stock. Business owners can view and manage their stock across multiple locations, manage their supply chain and remove unnecessary manual processes with stock counts and quality control.

Order Management

Making you the order of the day

Keep track of orders, manage the people, processes and materials required to fill them more effectively. Plan workloads and resources to increase accuracy and delivery. We also integrate with accounting software to automate invoice association and payment on orders.

Warehouse Management

Scaleable storage automation

Optimise the efficiency and output of your warehouse by integrating stock management with batch management, automatic identification generation, location based logic and much more. Quantify the collated data with reporting to enhance profitability and develop your processes for growth.


When off-the-shelf or generic products just don’t cut it, You need a reliable system that can empower your business' processes. We develop custom systems to your exact specifications, every time.

Job Management

Empowering through transparency

Keep all your job data in a secure location and ensure you never lose documents, information or accountability. Manage job information and documents and create checklists and tasks for your employees, ensuring vital information and tools are in a secure and centralised location.

Quote Management

Reliable and rapid pricing output

Create and manage quotes based on your products and services in a rapid, consistent and cost effective manner. Increasingly, customers expect pricing for even the most complex products and services on command. Provide those tools internally or directly to your customers through customer configurators and portals.

Project Management

Essential tools, built for you

Part of your essential tool kit, project management keeps your business on track by ensuring all critical tasks are in hand. By always tracking and capturing the status of projects, this provides additional KPI data in addition to ensuring your processes flow smoothly with transparency and consistency.

Configuration Tool

Interactive Purchasing

Empower your customers to explore your product range and provide the capability for them to take ownership of their orders. This not only reduces the time it takes for them to self-generate quotes but can populate and instigate your sales pipeline and project management to increase project turnaround times.

Task Management System

Applied to drive your processes

Created manually or automatically to clarify the individual key processes that drive your company. Accessible to various users based on permissions or used to quantify billable and non-billable KPI’s. Managing tasks can be simple, visual and powerful.


Build powerful partnerships

Communicate with your customers and provide easily accessible information. A customer portal serves as a secure bridge for sharing information between your company and your customers or you and your suppliers.


Robust yet beautiful

EPOS software creation and hardware integrations allow you to utilise tablets for a flexible and modern sales interface. Utilise custom design views and branding in line with your business strategy.


Boosting your performance

We build each system from the ground up and customise every solution to suit your business needs, whatever that may be. We can integrate with other software and hardware to make your processes run more efficiently too.

“Their customer service is exemplary, projects are delivered on budget and just as importantly, on time.”

Richard Short - Sales Director at Penny Hydraulics


ELM wanted a smart solution to reduce the level of admin involved in their day-to-day business, from completing and managing customer sales and relationships, through to stock and task management. Their industry standard software involved spreadsheets and paper-based processes, which slowed operations down. Easy Living Mobility wanted to break the mold with a bespoke fully encompassing system, developed with their core values and key business needs at the heart of the process.